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Alert: ear picking can lead to cancer

In our daily life, many people get used to picking up an earpick and start to pick the ears when they are free. Some even have formed the habit of picking the ears with their hairpins or fingernails because they find it comfortable to do that way. But what they don't know is that doing in this way is very easy to damage external auditory meatus skin, bring into the bacteria to ear canal and cause disease.

The external auditory meatus skin is very weak and sensitive. It is very close to perichondrium with little subcutaneous tissue, so the blood circulation is poor in it. Uneven use of strength in ear picking will cause injury to the external auditory meatus, infection, l inflammation in external auditory canal and fester. Some people may even hurt tympanic membrane or ear bone and suffer from tympanic membrane perforation when they have used too much strength in picking ears. Lightly it will affect the hearing and seriously it may lead to deafness. In addition, frequent ear picking can stimulate the ear canal skin, inducing external auditory meatus papilloma. Although papilloma belongs to benign tumor, which can be cut off through surgery, but it is easy to relapse after resection. Multiple recurrences might even lead to malignant tumor.
Although "earwax" does not sound good. It actually has certain protective effect towards the ears. Because secretion of the glands in the external auditory meatus has weak acid, tastes bitter, and has a certain volatile features. The smell doesn't attract the insects is not suitable for bacterial growth, so the"earwax" can prevent insects from flying in, protect the ear canal skin.

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