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7 things make you age prematurely

1, psychological imbalance
Those who are usually under depression sullenness and inferiority are more inclined to fatigue, distraction, low efficiency and lack of fun. Because when the cerebral cortex is in long-term depression state, harmful hormone secretion will increase, the resistance is reduced and symptoms of aging will appear.

2, diet imbalance
Young people usually do not pay attention to diet balance and reasonable nutrition. There will usually be hunger, fullness, monophagia, pickiness, dine irregularity, over or long-term drinking, smoking which lead them to malnutrition or nutrition surplus. They are likely to suffer from a variety of chronic diseases when they get old and premature.

3, movement of constant
A lot of people can rarely keep appropriate sports exercise, because of the fast rhythm of work and life, and their supposition of being strong and energetic, so they face a recession.in the physical condition, especially those middle-aged, the amount of exercise is decreased by 30% ~ 50%.

4, daily life disorder
Sound and sufficient sleep, is one of the elements to ensure good health. Long-term lack of sleep can cause the brain damage and the damage caused by overload operation of cell metabolism, leading to premature.

5, diseases due to accumulation
"People who sit for long hurt the muscles" refers to sitting for too long will gradually cause muscle atrophy, "People who stand for long will hurt their bones", it points to the long suppression state that the bones are under; "People who lie for long will hurt qi", it points to lying for long would become feeble and weak, their metabolism function will face recession even disorder.

6, in disease, cure it, no disease, prevent it
Many people, especially the middle-aged people bear heavy burdens from work, life, family and society. They are very likely to ignore themselves, even if there is something wrong with them, they will carry on without seeing a doctor, coupled with excessive overworked, their physical condition will be worse and worse, premature is thus induced.

7, sexual life disorder
Sexual life should be within a limit. Improper sexual intercourse can cause "kidney deficiency", endocrine hormone levels drop, immune function reduction and premature.

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