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5 ways to protect your lungs in autumn

1, Rubbing the nose
Rub both sides of the nose with two thumbs until there is heat produced. Upward and downward movements along the nose bridge for 30 times and then massage for the Yingxiang acupuncture points for 20 times. People who are allergic to cold air in autumn will easily have stuffy and runny nose. Massage for the nose often can relieve these symptoms.

2, Rubbing the throat
Separate open the thumb and the other four fingers. Sit or stand with the neck being upright. Massage from the neck to the chest. Keep alternating the both hands, each period for 30 times. This method is favorable for pharynx, cough and has expectorant effect.

3, Deep breathing
Before sleeping or after waking up, lie in the bed and do abdominal breathing. Inhale slowly and then exhale, do this again and again for 30 times. You can also do this 2 hours after dinner. Choose a place where there is fresh air, take a stroll for 10 minutes and then stand up, keep the eyes closed, separate the feet as broad ad s the shoulder. Relax the whole body, repeat the above abdominal breathing with hands folding on the abdomen.

4, Beating the back
Take the sitting position, keep the back straight, close the eyes, use the fists to beat along the backbone , from upward to downward and from top to bottom, from the central part to both sides, do this for 3-4 times. When beating the back, hold the breath and knock the teeth against each other for 4-5 times and slowly swallow. This method can help to prevent cold.

5, Smiling
Smiling can make the thoracic expand, chest muscle stretch and lung capacity increase. When people are smiling , they are unconsciously taking deep breaths smile will not consciously to take a deep breath which help clean the respiratory tract, take in more oxygen, breathe out more exhaustive gases, accelerate the blood circulation, relieve fatigue and restore physical strength.

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