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5 points to be noted in using electric fun

1. Don't stay in front of the fan for more than 1 hour.
Long time stay in front of the fan will make the blood capillary shrink, increase the peripheral vascular resistance and increase the burden of heart especially when the fan is working with high speed. The head is rich in blood vessels, there is more blood flow and is more sensitive to coldness. If one kept being blown on the head by the wind produced by fan, it is easy to cause headache, dizziness and fatigue. In addition, the human body temperature will drop due to sweat evaporation, it is apt to cause the cold, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other diseases. Generally 1 hours advisable, at the same time, one had better open the window to keep the smooth air circulation.

2. Don't set high wind speed.
When the temperature is more than 30 ℃, the wind that electric fan blows is of high temperature too.The heat of the human body will mainly evaporate through sweat.if the wind is too strong, the skin surface temperature will drop rapidly, the pore will be block and the internal body sweat can't come out, causing sore waist, backache and stroke etc.

3.Don't place the fan too near to you
If the fan is put too close, the gap between blood circulation and sweat cycle will be too large and cause imbalance of the nerve center. The organs of human body will feel exhaustion and discomfort.

4.Don't blow directional wind.
People who just had exercises get back indoor from outdoors will sweat like a pig. If keeping the fan straight to the body, ti will be very adverse. It can cause local nerve ischemia, produce edema or even paralysis. Keep the fan fan changing directions will ensure proper temperature drop.

5.Don't keep the fan on during sleeping
If sleeping all night long with the fan on, windward and leeward surface temperature difference is very big which will destroy temperature adjustment function. It is easy to cause the nerve and the endocrine disorder, muscle pain and fatigue. In addition, when a person is in deep sleep, each viscera function reduces to a minimum level. The immune system will be weak and diseases will easily occur.

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