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4 tips of controlling the smoke while cooking

1, Using fresh cooking oil
Don't use the cooking oil that has already been fried or heated for it may have been mixed with impurities, so while cooking there will be more lampblack and cause more damage to the human body.

2,Put food the food into the boiling oil early
While cooking, before the lampblack is not obvious produced, one should put the food into the pot. Room-temperature food will fasten the temperature decreasing speed of cooking oil and avoid excessive high temperature. You can put a shredded green onion into the pot, if the oil is bubbling but the color of the green onion hasn't changed, then it is the right time to put the food into the pot.

3, The pot should be thick
If the bottom of the pot is too thin, the temperature will rise fast and produce a large amount of lampblack. Cooking with thick bottom wok will extend the temperature rising time and reduce the lampblack.

4, Opening lampblack machine
Keep the machine for 5 more minutes after cooking. Many families will only open the machine when the lampblack is the heaviest, which can't guarantee the cleanness of the kitchen. The people who cook will also breathe in a large number of lampblack.

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