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Wearing Red Sunglasses May Cause Cataract

According to the traditional Chinese medicine, in summer, you had better do not wear red sunglasses, or else it may cause eye diseases like cataract.
Recently, the cataract patients that ophthalmology outpatient receives have more and more young people. This summer is once again the high-incidence season of this disease and reason is sunglasses.

The expert says that human body has the instinct reaction of self protection, and the pupils will contract when the eyes meet strong light and so the passed ultraviolet rays also will be weakened. Although sun glasses can not isolate the ultraviolet rays, the pupils’ degree of contracting will be smaller after wearing it since the sun light is not so strong. At this time, the eye is open wide before the “attacking” of ultraviolet rays and so you can imagine the harm. There are some patients clinically have diseases like cataract because of wearing unsuitable or bad quality sun glasses. Therefore, people should choose sunglasses that coming out from normal factory and the color had better be green, grey and tawny, and never choose red one since red lens will absorb the ultraviolet worst and so can not protect eyes.
In the past, the age of people who having cataract was between 50 and 60 years old. According the latest research report, the patients with 30 to 40 years old are more and more, and the young patients’ proportion is increased by 10% every year. So the cataract is no longer the patent of the elderly.

According to the expert, young people also have problems like working stress, working in front of computer for a long time, using mobiles often and so on. All these may lead to the trend of having much younger cataract patients. You should know that the early stage symptoms of cataract is not only visual loss, but also smaller vision, worse stereoscopic vision, the ability of distinguishing color is worse, aberration, slower reading rater and eye adaptability worse which are all related to early stage cataract. “the early you take operation as long as you are diagnosed as cataract, the sooner you will get better.”

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