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Three little coup removing the lower abdomen flesh

The lower abdomen micro convex is to make a lot of belles feel unsatisfactory, now I have made up three simple small methods to teach you how to let your lower abdomen flat and say bye bye to the weight.
1, Drink five cups of water every day
When you getting up Early in the morning, drink brackish water before you eat rich breakfast, which helps intestinal peristalsis, help intestines and stomach do a general cleaning, of course, it will not appear bulging little stomach!

When you are at work: drink lemonade, citric acid can help intestines and stomach detoxification, accelerate the metabolism of the body, lemon smell can also relieve nerves, and improve your work efficiency, it can be said is to kill two birds with one stone.

Before lunch, drink a cup of warm boiled water. At first, it is a way to fill belly, reduce lunch diet component; Secondly it can add water consumption to body, accelerate metabolism.

Afternoon tea time: herbal tea, when you are at Tea-Time, appetite is big, potato chips, cookies and soda ┅ ┅ are food which can cause fat. At this time, making a cup of rose tea or vanilla tea, not only can suppress appetite, but also can protect skin and nourish.

Dinner Time: vegetable juice, drinking water to borrow to reduce carbohydrate and sugar intake is right the way of water thin body, so, with protein and vegetable juice is given priority to dinner, not only low calories can absorb cellulose, accelerate fat discharge, really quite effective.

2, Thin the lower abdomen

Use time: one or two hours after the meal .
A. Standing on one foot, another foot knee bends forward up, and that between leg with a 90 degree angle, both hands is smooth lift that lasts for 30 seconds.
B. In another foot, two feet hereby alternate, every day approximately five round

3, Walking with shrinking abdomen
First of all to learn "abdominal breathing law" : inspiratory, bulge the belly ; On the exhale, crimple the belly . To practice yoga or speak, this is a necessary training. It helps stimulate the gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote the body inside waste discharge, smooth of the airflow, increasing lung capacity. In daily-walking and standing, force ourselves to narrow abdomen, cooperate with abdominal breathing, let the lower abdomen muscle become firm. You are not used to it in the first day or two, but as long as you keep reminding yourself "shrink abdomen to lose weight," a few weeks down, not only the lower abdomen tend to be flat, walking posture will also be more attractive.

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