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Ten kinds of food which benefit the hair

1, salmon
Salmon is rich in W - 3 fatty acids and high in protein, vitamin B - 12 and iron. Among them, the "W - 3 fatty acids is helpful to maintain scalp health and the essential components that the scalp needs" Los Angeles nutritionists, a spokesman for the American dietetic association Andrew says, "W - 3 fatty acid deficiency will lead to scalp dryness and lack of luster."
So what about vegetarians? Daily intake of 1-2 spoonful of flaxseed will have the same effect.

2, mussels
The yang strengthening effects of mussels are more well-known than its hair care function. These two kinds of actions are actually contributed to the powerful antioxidant--zinc.
If you can't eat mussels frequently, you also don't have to worry. Apart from cereal, you can also get the zinc you need from beef and mutton.

3, green vegetables
Spinach is preferred, if you don't like to eat spinach, then broccoli and Swiss chard (one of the sugar beet) is also a good choice. Spinach is the best source for vitamin A and vitamin C. These two kinds of vitamins are the musts to synthetic fat, and the fat secreted by hair follicles is the natural hair conditioner.
Variegated dark green vegetables can also provide iron and calcium.

4, carrots
The carrot is the best source of vitamin A. vitamin A can promote the healthy growth of scalp and maintain your normal vision. Scalp health is a must for hair luster, therefore, having carrots is advisable.

5, beans
Beans, such as kidney bean and lentils are important components for healthy hair. They not only provide abundant protein, but also contain rich iron, zinc and biotin. Deficiency of these substances can make the hair brittle and break.

6, low fat milk
Low fat milk, such as skim milk, yogurt are the sources for calcium which is an important substance to promote hair growth. In addition, low fat milk also contains whey protein and casein, these two proteins belong to high quality protein.

7, poultry
Chicken, including Turkey contains rich protein which can help you get healthy hair you expect. Lack of protein, insufficient intake of protein can make the hair split. Serious protein deficiency can lead to color change of the hair. Poultry can also provide iron, and its protein contain is high too.

8, eggs
Whether Fried egg, scrambled egg or steamed egg, as long as it is egg, it can benefit the hair Eggs is one of the best sources of protein. In addition, eggs contains biotin and vitamin B - 12, both of which are important for hair beauty.

9, Cereals
Cereals contain rich zinc, iron and B vitamins. They can be eaten after massive energy consumption.

10, nuts
Brazil nuts are the best natural source of selenium, selenium is a very good mineral to maintain scalp health.

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