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Taking Bath Immediately After Yoga Makes It In Vain

The expert says that taking a bath immediately after yoga not only will make your exercise effects discounting greatly, but also will cause unnecessary damage to your body. The body is still at an extremely exciting state after yoga and if you take a hot bath right away, it will expand your blood vessels suddenly and let the blood go back to your brain and increase the burden on heart. What’s more, sudden hot and cold stimulation will hurt the body. Usually, we suggest the practitioner, especially people with arthritis, had better take a bath before doing yoga to help stretch your body and open all your joints. People who used to do exercise in the morning after getting up do not need to take a bath before exercise.

In addition, yoga practitioner also should pay attention to the dining problem. When doing yoga, the blood will concentrate on your partial muscle or organs which will affect the absorption and digestion of food. Therefore, you should keep your stomach empty an hour before and after exercise. If you are very hungry before you exercise, you can have a glass of milk or have some liquid food that is easier to digest. Have at least half an hour rest after exercise and then have something to eat and vegetable and fruit are the most suitable.

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