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Sleep Too Long Will Cause Premature Senescence

According to the latest report of Daily Mail in UK, the magazine Sleep published a new research in May warning that normal sleeping time should be 6 to 8 hours; having too much or too little sleep will put forward of premature senescence 4 to 7 years and the recession of recognition ability will accelerated; what’s more, it will affect your ability

Scientists in London University explored a five-year research on 5431 participants about the problem of “the influence of sleep disorder after middle age on recognition function in the future”. People who sleep seven hours every night got the best testing result, and then people who sleep six hours every night. Among the male participants, having six, or seven or eight hours every night have the same results, but those who sleep less than six hours or over eight hours had a bad effect on their recognition function.

The scientists say that about seven-hour sleep is very important to human body function and health. Insufficient sleep will affect the performance of work and life, such as react slowly and easy to have mistakes and so on. In addition, the sleep time also has relation with life quality, for example, social ability, physical and mental ability and so on. The person in charge of the new research, Jane says that bad recognition ability after middle age has direct relation with sleep time. Various harms on health caused by too much or too little sleep and bad sleep quality have been paid more and more attention to.

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