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Seven Worst Drinks

In hot summer, all kinds of drinks become the clearing heat “necessity” for many people. But few people notice that there is a problem between drinks and health. The Body Building website in America loaded a new passage recently: “the ten worst drinks”. Here are the ranks and comments about the seven most common drinks Chinese have by the director of nutrition department in Dalian Center Hospital, Wang Xingguo.

1.Carbonated drink. It is known to all that carbonated drink will bring obesity problem and the caffeine in it also has negative effect on health. In addition, phosphate will lower the absorption of many micro elements like calcium and iron and cause bone calcium loss. Here we can see that carbonated drink is the worst healthy drink.
2.Milk and coffee beverage. The heat content of every cup of milk and coffee beverage reaches more than 800 calories with about 170 grams of sugar. People are easy to have much heat and sugar due to its fragrant flavor which is bad to health.
3.Lemon juice. Many people have been cheated by the name. The packaged lemon juice in the market always has a lot of sweetener, preservative and artificial pigment.
4.All flavors soft drinks. Besides vitamin, soft drinks with every kind of flavor has artificial sweetener. You had better choose that soft drink with only “water” and “natural condiment” on the tag.
5.Energetic beverage. It does can provide energy for human body, but there are a lot of caffeine and sugar in it. Having too much is bad for health. Ordinary people do not need to have energetic beverage on usual conditions.
6.Sports beverage. When sweating a lot, it is very necessary to have some sports drink to supplement electrolyte. But most sports drinks contain a lot of sugar and preservative. The consumer has to be careful when choosing it and check the ingredient list.
7.Fruit juice beverage. Most fruit juice beverage has been added with some certain sugar and so having too much is bad to health. Therefore, you had better choose 100% pure fruit juice.
Wang Xingguo said that milk, water and tea with no addictive, preservative and pigment are best drinks. The natural drink like mung bean soup also is good choice for clearing heat in summer.

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