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Honey and Job’s Tears Tea Help Whitening

1.spotless Job’s tears tea
According to the record of Oriental Medicated Diet: boil the job’ tears until it is blossomed, and stuffs it without fire, and drink the water. You can add a little honey when drinking. Have Job’s tears tea everyday can desalt the black spot and make you whiter. You can see the effect if you had it for a month.

2.egg and potato are the best weapon to resist black
According to the China Cosmetics Review: older woman Yi Nengjing had much experience about whitening and she advised that you can whiten you skin with eggs. First of all, stir a fresh egg with a small spoonful of honey and apply them on your face before you go to sleep; massage for ten minutes and clean it with water when it is dried by wind. Do this twice every week and your skin will be like grease, in addition, drink more water, and apply potato also can whiten your skin. You can cut the fresh potato into pieces and apply them on your face, or you can apply the fresh potato juice on your face which can provide the nutrients for your skin directly and make your skin clear and tender.
3.use black soybean to hit the “black”
According to the Medical Aesthetic and Beauty: boil 100 grams of black soybean and hawthorn respectively, 10 jujube, and 700 grams of water to make them rot; add some honey later. You can have a spoonful of it every morning and every evening. Eating black soybean to beautify has a history, and even Su Dongpo wrote in the book that the girls in the capital like to eat black soybean to increase the skin light; also in Japan, Tanba black soybean is still famous now.
4.honey and egg white mask to make you attractive
According to the Medical guide: stir five eggs with a small spoonful of honey; and apply them on your face before you go to sleep; and finally do massage during the time to stimulate the skin cells. This can promote blood circulation and make your skin red.

5.cucumber paste mask
According to the Health Care World: first of all prepare two to three small cucumbers, and two to three bars of cotton pads, and a fresh keeping box; and then grind the small cucumber into paste and put it into the fresh keeping box and then into the refrigerator; later apply the wet cotton pad to your face. The whiten effect is very obvious, but you should notice that you have to choose enclosed fresh keeping box, or else the cucumber paste will turn bad.

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