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Five Magic Usages of Warm Water

Core point: the so-called warm water is the boiled water that has been cooled to 30 degree. Warm water also can be mixed with boiling water and cool water. It is because is very common in human life, so it is not so attractive as other things. But, in fact, it has a lot of magic uses that you do not know.
After being drunkenness, you do not have to drink strong tea or have orange, you just need to have some warm water. Warm water can effectively dilute the alcohol, protect the liver and supplement the lost water due to vomit.
2.solve choke
When you are choking accidentally, have some warm water. It is because the warm water has the lubricant function which can negotiate the food stagnated in the throat.
3.prevent from vascular disease
Have a glass of warm water in the morning which can help promote the blood circulation, and prevent the cardiovascular disease. But, do not have other kinds of water, such as honey water, carbonated beverages which are not as good as warm water.
4.brush teeth with warm water can protect the gum
According to the research, the best temperature for tooth to metabolism is 35degree, so using warm water to brush teeth is most appropriate. If the temperature is too high or too low, it is easier to cause gum bleeding and spasm, and shorten the tooth life.
5.help clean oral
Warm water is mild, clean and has little stimulation. Brushing teeth with warm water can clean the food residual in mouth and remove the bacteria in mouth. It is much effective that other stuff.

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