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Five Golden Points of Human Body to Keep Health

According to the traditional Chinese medicine theory, there are some places in human body are golden points for keep health. As for these places, you should massage often and take good care of them so as to strengthen the body immunity, prevent disease, and prolong life. The bellowing five places are the golden points for keep health, they are armpit, popliteal fossa, fossa cubitalia, lumbar eye, navel and they are called together as “health golden fossa”.
According to the traditional Chinese medicine, there is an acupuncture point on the top point of armpit called pole spring pole. Massage here often can widen your heart and calm down your spirit, regulate qi and blood. According to the modern medicine, the lymphoid tissue of the armpit is very rich and always massage can promote the blood circulation and enhance immunity. The massage method is as following: cross your arms in front of your breast, press the armpit with your hands crossly, and massage the point with your fingers gently for about 30 minutes every time; then raise your left hand, and clap your left armpit with your right hand; then raise your right arm and clap your right armpit with left hand; each for 30 to 50 times and repeat doing this for five times.
The popliteal fossa is the diamond concave behind the knees and the blood vessels and nerves there are very rich. Clapping often can promote flow of qi and blood circulation and anti-spasm. There is a very important acupuncture point around the popliteal fossa called weizhong point. Massage it often is good to curing painful diseases like sciatica, foot fatigue, neck sour and pain, hip pain and so on. The massage method is as following: sit down or lie down first; ask your family member or you can do it yourself to clap the point with your hands gently.
Navel is the only acupuncture point that human can see and touch which is called shen que. It is connected with the twelve channels inside human body and so is called as the key point for curing disease. Clapping often with your hands can calm down spirit, sooth liver-gallbladder, regulate qi and blood, and negotiate triple burners. The method is: sit down or lie down first; use power with your hands virtually and with your forearms actually; clap for it 100 times gently. Or you can stimulate the navel by hot compress and massage.
Fossa cubitalia is the triangle hollow in front of the elbow joint. It is the place gathered the most main channels. Massage it often can regulate qi and blood, scatter stasis and detoxify. If it was your family member help you clapping, you can ask them do to it the both sides at then same time.
The lumbar sacral nest also is called “lumbar eye” which is the hollow point of the lumbar disic herniation in human body. The lumbosacral portion burdens that whole weight of the upper part and so it will be longer as you become ole. It is easier to have symptoms like waist pain if there is strain in lumbosacral portion. Massage it often can loose bone and muscle, and remove fatigue. You can sit with your upper part leaning forward a little, and use your hands to clap it for 5 to 10 times.
An old person who has serious cardiovascular disease or osteoporosis is not suggested to do this.

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