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Five Foods That Make Female Ugly

As the old going says, white skin can make up for other disadvantage of your look. When the summer comes, the pigment accumulates in skin and all kinds of spots run wild on your face. At this time, if you do not want your being white wish far away from you, you had better get away from those stuff that may be flash point. For example, below are some common food that may make you more black and ugly.
1.thermo-sensitive vegetable
Thermo-sensitive vegetable can make skin black since they are rich in metal elements like bronze, iron, and zinc. All these metal elements can directly or indirectly increase the number and activity of tyrosine and tyrosinase that are connected with melanin growth and dopamine quinone. Having much of this kind of food will make your skin easier to be attacked by ultraviolet rays and become black or grow spots, so you had better have them moderately.
Representative food:
Sweet potato, potato, spinach, Chinese chives, caraway, radish and soy bean and so on. These vegetables will make spotty skin easier to have stain.
Generally speaking, most vegetables with spicy flavor or special flavor belong to thermo-vegetable.

2.Representative food:
Lemon, pawpaw, and cucumber all belong to thermo fruit and orange fruits are thermo. Generally speaking, fruit with bright surface mainly are thermo.

3.deep color food
Light color food like milk, egg, tofu and fish are easier to get melanin out and relieve visceral burden. On the contrary, deep color food, just like thermo food, is easier to make skin black. Therefore, deep color food also is what you should pay attention to if you want be white.
Representative food:
It includes beverage, such as strong tea, cola, coffee and chocolate and so on. Deep color food also includes staple food like purple rice, adzuki bean, green beans, red caltrop, black sesame, walnut and meat like black-bone chicken, beef, mutton, pig liver, soft-shelled turtle, deep color fish, sea cucumber.
In addition, there are still carrot, spinach, purple radish head, red cabbage and black fungus and so on.

4.fried food
Fried food is many people’s favorite which smells good but is quite harmful for health. This is because fried food makes your easier to be fat and contains some oxide that can make your skin aging. Therefore, you had better have less and you had better supplement some vitamin E food to resist aging if you cannot help eating. These vitamin E foods include pumpkin, rubber, spinach, carrot, whole wheat bread, peanut, sesame, brown rice and so on.

5.highly acid food
The imbalance of basic food and acid food. Balance is the most beautiful and natural state in nature and so does the absorption of food. Healthy human body fluid is alkalescent, and the imbalance absorption of acid food and basic food in usual will make blood inclines to acidity and so brings all kinds of discomfort to human body and promote the formation of skin pigmented spots. Having more fresh fruit and edible fungi can control the absorption amount of highly acid food like meat, alcohol, sugar and so keep the body fluid at a good alkalescent state as well as prevent and desalt the spots.

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