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Eating Alone is Not Healthy?

Eating with colleagues and family can make you happy and so the secretion of gastric juice will be more which can make food being digest and absorbed early.
1.do not eat alone
Having meal alone is easier to cause bad mood and monotonous diet which will cause imbalanced nutrition; while having meal with family or colleagues will make you happy and so the secretion of gastric juice will be more which can make food being digested and absorbed quicker. In addition, the variety of food is richer if you have meal with others and so it will be easier to keep balance.

2.straighten your back when having meal
People are easier to bend their back when having meal since they are at a relaxed state. However, they do not know that this will press the esophagus and stomach and so affect the digestion. In addition, having meal in front of a low desk or sofa or squatting there will press the abdomen and so affect the blood circulation of digestive tract and finally induce stomach disease or affect the cardio-pulmonary function. The correct dining position is to sit up with your back straight to not press your stomach.

3.the dining environment should be quiet
According to the research of University of Manchester, the sensitivity of people to feel sweet and salty flavor will be lower as the noise is bigger. The research also shows that noisy dining environment will make your taste sense blunt. So the expert suggests that do not choose noisy restaurant but choose those with soft music which will make you dine happier.

4.chew more food that is hard
According to different ages, people should supplement some hard food, such as fruit, sugarcane, and raw cucumber and so on. This is because hard food needs you to chew with some effort and the blood flow of brain will increase significantly and active the cerebral cortex as you chewing more and quicker to prevent brain aging and senile dementia.

5.eat your favorite food first
There must be food on table that you like and dislike, and which one should you eat first?
The expert says that eat your favorite food first which will make your satisfied on mood. Good mood can make you feel full quicker and so to avoid having too much.

6.have some porridge when hungry
People have a great appetite when they are very hungry and want to eat anything they saw. In fact, the digestive function of gastro and stomach has been damaged and you may have food stagnant if you have too much immediately. When you are very hungry, you should have some semi-liquid diets and then go back to your normal diet. When you are hungry, remember that never eat milk, soy bean milk, yogurt and sweet potato which will cause digestion problem.
7.do not use your brain after meal
After meal, the blood in body will flow to the digestive organs and so your brain will be lack of blood accordingly. At this time, using brain will cause problems like nervous, and memory decline, and also may increase the probability of having cardio-cerebro-vascular diseases. Therefore, you should begin your work half an hour later after meal. Listening to music or having a walk all are good choices after meal.
8.do not talk about unhappy things when dining
Speaking while dining will decrease the time you chew food and the secretion of salvia which will affect the digestive function. According to a latest research in America, discussing complicate and unhappy things while dining will affect the appetite and digestion. You can talk about some simple and happy topics.
9.the interval between two meals should be four to six hours
The interval between two meals being too long or too short both will affect human body. If the time is too long, it will cause highly hungry sense and so affect working efficiency; if the interval is too short, the digestive organs can not have enough rest and so affect appetite and digestion. The time of normal mixing food staying in stomach is about 4 to 6 hours. So the interval between two meals should be 4 to 6 hours.
10.breakfast should be hot
In the morning, the nerves and blood of human body are at a contraction state, and having icy food at this time may cause your digestive system spasm. The traditional Chinese medicine thinks that the breakfast should be hot to protect the stomach. You are suggested to choose hot porridge, hot oatmeal, hot soy bean milk and so on to be your breakfast matching with steamed stuffed bun, bread as staple food.
11.have tea half an hour later after meal
You should not have tea immediately after meal, or else it will dilute the gastric juice and so affect digestion. In the meantime, tannin in tea can produce some kind of solid substance that is difficult to digest when mixing with protein in food and so burdens the stomach. Having tea half an hour later after meal can promote digestion as well kill bacteria, disinfect and protect tooth.

12.do not have cold drink at night
Seven o’clock in the afternoon later, the fluid metabolism of human declines and having cold food now, especially cold drink, will affect sleep and cannot remove fatigue.
13.have less dessert after meal
You have had enough sugar in dinner, and so if you have more dessert, you will absorb redundant glucose, starch. Do not have dessert after having oily food.
14.have more vegetable with dark colors
Dark color vegetable refers to vegetable that is dark green, red, and purple. The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that we should have one kilogram vegetable every day, among which the dark color vegetable should be over half since it has one times higher vitamin C than light color vegetable. For example, dark purple eggplant and light green eggplant, purple onion and white onion, purple cabbage and cabbage, purple potato and sweet potato, the nutrition value of the formers’ are higher than the latter’s.
15.have both animal oil and plant oil
have plant oil will increase the peroxide in human body and so accelerate aging, affect the absorption of vitamin, and increase the morbidity of having breast cancer and colon cancer; while animal oil contains polyenoic acid and lipoprotein that are beneficial to cardiovascular system. The expert reminds that mix one share animal oil and two shares of plant oil can make good for deficiency.
16.add some vinegar into the bone soup
The absorption of calcium is limited by many factors. Food with rich calcium includes milk, egg, bone soup, fish and shrimp, and soybean and so on. The insufficient acidity of gastro and stomach will affect the absorption of calcium. Therefore, you should add some vinegar when cooking which can turn the calcium in food into calcium acetate which is easier to be absorbed.
17.have fiber food once every day
the redundant fat and protein that human absorbed will react with Escherichia coli and became harmful septic matter. Fiber can siege them and rule them out. Therefore, you had better have some coarse fiber food everyday, such as oatmeal, brown rice, the seed of Job’s tears, sweet potato and coin.
18.chew carefully and swallow slowly
Chewing can help digest. The expert suggests that you had better put down your chopsticks every time you had a mouth of rice and concentrate on your chewing. You had better chew over 30 times each mouth.

19.have less salt
According to the latest edition of American Dieting Directory, the salt amount of people should be decreased to within 2300 mg (about a tea spoonful) every day per person. As for those people who are more than 51 years old, people with chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, the amount should be decreased to within 1500 mg every day.
20.do not overuse seasoning
According to the research of FDA, the natural seasoning such as cinnamon and fennel contains safrole more or less which can cause liver cancer. Having too much seasoning will not only make you thirsty, throat pain and tired, but also will cause too much secretion of gastric acid and gaseous distension. Therefore, do not use too much when cooking.

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