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Dare You Still Have Frog If There Are a Lot of Parasite?

In summer, people like to go to the night market and order some frogs. A few days before, a microblog made these people regret of having frog: “Attention! There is plerocercoid in frog, and stir frying can not kill it and will cause blindness or paralysis. The Ningbo CDC found that among the ten frogs bought from the market, there were two with 28 plerocercoids in them. Plerocercoid usually cannot be killed in the stir frying condition and only cooking with boiling water for five minutes can kill it thoroughly. After eating it, the plerocercoid will go into the eyeballs and even induce cataract and blindness. The most serious one is cerebral sparganosis which will cause paralysis.” Until yesterday, this microblog has been transferred for more than 20,000 times with 3,000 comments. Many net friends say that frog is beneficial insect and no one ever ignores this although the publicity about not predating frogs goes on every year. After seeing this microblog, even the gormandizer dares not to eat frog again!

There are 28 parasites in two frogs
In the testing room, the director of Ningbo CDC dissected the ten frogs.
On July 20th, the Ningbo Evening News and the Ningbo CDC conducted an anatomic experiment on frogs. The result was that they found 28 parasites “sparganum mansoni” in two frogs. During the anatomy, the reporter found that there are several “vitiligoes” in the thigh of frogs and these vitiligoes become “white strings” when pulling with tweezers. These “white strings” are just sparganum mansoni. The longest one is about 18 cm and it was still moving after putting it in the ware.
A few days before, someone published a these on the Chinese Journal Health Lab Technology and said that a 58 year old man eat 12 raw frogs in order to cure his hernia of intervertebral discs and had sparganum.
The expert says that mistakenly eating sparganum will cause sparganum mansoni and the most common one in clinical is palpebral fissure head larva disease. This disease has symptoms like eyelid red and swelling up, conjunctival congestion, photophoby, tearing, and slight pain, itching, or feeling as if there are worms crawling. What’s worse is cerebral sparganosis and its clinical symptoms are like brain tumor symptoms and will cause paralysis.
It is said that sparganum is a kind of tapeworm that has not developed completely. If the snake eat frog with sparganum, the sparganum will live in the snake body. Therefore, incorrect eating habits of wild frogs, snakes, such as drinking snake blood, swallowing snake gall, eating salad snake skin, or mistakenly drinking water that has been polluted by parasite, all may cause infection of sparganum. Some people will apply the raw frog meat on the wound or the abscess cavity place due to misunderstanding of frog having the effect of “clear heat and detoxify”. In addition, some people have the “strange” eating habit of swallowing tadpole which also will be infected.
This made us remembering the raw eating loach therapy of health godmother Ma Yueling. Obviously, eating raw loach also will cause people infect parasite.
Had better do not eat and if you have to , you had better boil it thoroughly
Ma Yueling once said that after buying the loach, put them in the water for a few days and then parasite can be cleaned which is absolutely imagination without reasons. Even you raise those loaches in the water until it is died, these guys would never die. The best way to prevent infecting parasite is to not eat loach, frog or snake raw. Just like the net friend said: “give the frog a life and the frog will give a life back to you. So the best way is not having frogs!”
If you cannot help eating, you have to eat is scientifically. Methods like stir fry and cooking hot pot all cannot cook it thoroughly. Some people once put a piece of frog meat with sparaganum (about one centimeter) in the 56 centigrade environment, and the sparaganum still has infective function after three hours. From above we can see that the real safe processing method is to boil them thoroughly.
Although white spirit, soy sauce and vinegar all can kill sparaganum, it need to cut the food material into very small pieces and soap in the alcohol for at least two hours, at least 24 hours in the vinegar, at least 6 hours in the soy sauce. But in real life, we barely can do that. Therefore, it is unreliable to kill parasite with only alcohol and seasoning.

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