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Adding Cumin in Barbecue Can Reduce Carcinogen

According to the research of Kansas State University, meat will produce a kind of material called heterocyclic amine when through high temperature cooking such as bake, decoct and fry. This kind of material will accumulate in human body can induce many kinds of cancers such as gastric cancer, and intestinal cancer.

The researchers compared the heterocyclic amine content of the fresh beef and pickled beef after baking, and found that pickled eat contains at least 40% heterocyclic amine after baking than fresh beef. And after testing various seasoning, they found that meat pickled by cumin, curry, rosmarinic acid has less carcinogen after baking with high temperature. Therefore, you are suggested to pickle the meat with cumin for half an hour before baking and frying. This can be delicious and also reduce the production of carcinogen.

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