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6 ways to fight against air conditioning syndrome

What is air conditioning syndrome?
Long hours' stay in the air conditioning environment for work and study will induce congestion, dizziness, sneeze, tinnitus, fatigue, memory decline because of poor air circulation. Some skin allergy symptoms, such as skin dryness, allergy will also appear. We call this kind of phenomenon "air conditioning syndrome" in the modern medicine.The elderly, children and women are more likely to suffer from it.

What are the curing methods?
Drink a cup of ginger beverage, have a hot bath and then cover yourself with a quilt to make you sweat. After perspiring, you will feel comfortable.

Preventive measures
1, ventilation
Don't keep the air conditioning on for too long, open the windows often for ventilation to ensure indoor and outdoor air exchange and let in the fresh.

2, stay no more than 4 hours in the air-conditioned room
If you stay in the air-conditioned room for 7 to10 hours or above, then it will be very adverse to the body. If you have to work in air-conditioned room for all day, take a warm bath at the end of the day and do some massage. Proper exercises are preferable.

3, temperature difference between the indoors and outdoors should be less than 5 ℃
The temperature difference between the indoors and outdoors should be less than not be too big. No more than 5 degrees is advisable. During sleeping at night, you had better not use air conditioning. Outdoor activities before bedtime helps promote blood circulation and prevent air conditioning syndrome.

4, avoid air conditioning while sweating
Don't stay in the air-conditioned room while you are sweating like a pig. Change the clothes before stepping into the room. Avoid direct air-conditioned wind to the neck part.

5, disinfect the air condition frequently
The filter in the air condition should be washed in time to avoid the reproductive growth of pathogenic microorganisms and brings harm to human body. In addition, the air-conditioned room should have regular fumigation. Heating the vinegar and letting it volatile can purify the air.

6, eat more bitter vegetables
Celery contains rich vitamin A original, vitamin B1, B2, vitamin C and vitamin P, trace elements, protein, mannitol and food fiber etc. When people are in the air-conditioned room, the internal heat can't discharge. Celery has the internal heat balancing function, it can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and help to dispel the heat.

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