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4 Taboos after getting up

After waking up in the morning, you may feel that your bladder is already full of urine and it is urgent feeling for you to pee. The more urgent it is, the more you should hold it for a while. Do not stand up and urine immediately as emptying the bladder soon may cause dizziness and even micturition syncope.

2,Strenuous exercise immediately after waking up
Many people get used to physical exercises after getting up in the morning. It will benefit us a lot as long as we pay attention to the taboos. Exercises should be done after a little rest when the Yin and Yang operation is balanced.

3,Sticking to the bed

Nowadays more and more people are gaining a growing fond of the bed especially when they are in holidays. But for people who have spent too much time lying in the bed, they will have a feeling that the more sleep, the more they feel listlessness and heavy in the feet, which is no good than being busy working or studying. Sleeping for too long in bed will disturb the normal daily life and confuse our biological clock.

4, skipping breakfast
According to the nutrition experts' analysis, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After a night's sleep, the body has to make adequate preparations to meet a day of work and study. At this moment, one needs to absorb rich nutrition to cope with the energy consumption of a whole day's study and work.

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