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2 million dust mites lurking in your bed sheet

Mattress, blanket, carpet, pillow, sofa and curtain, chest are the best hiding place for dust mites . As many as 6500 dust mites can be found in a pillow and a mattress can harbour 2 million dust mites. A British research shows that about 90% of children with asthma are allergic to dust mites. About 80% of the allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis, dermatitis are relevant to dust mites . In addition to inducing outside, dust mites can also cause allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis and allergic skin diseases. Allergic conjunctivitis are usually with eye itching, tears, eyes aglow, palpebral conjunctiva congestion and edema, etc. Allergic rhinitis is usually with running nose and sneezing.

Anti-mite advices
1, Open the window often and keep ventilation, maintain a dry environment, and leave no room for the mite to breed.

2, Frequently wash and bask the clothings. After taking out the bedsheet for replacement at the turning of the seasons, do not use it immediately. You should wash and iron it again before using in case there are many mites in it.

3, It is best not to cover the bed or the floor with blanket. Items will are likely to accumulate dust such as tapestry are better not put on the wall.

4, When doing cleaning, it is more appropriate to use mop than groom in case that the mites will float in the air and get inhaled by the human. In addition, dogs and cats are the breeding places for mites too. People with allergy history had better not keep pets.

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