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Why Having Too Much Raw Vegetables Will Cause Poisoning

Broccoli and cauliflower contain rich cellulose and are easier to digest after blanching; vegetables that contain much oxalic acid like spinach, bamboo shoot, and zizania latofolia turcz had better be blanched since oxalic acid will combine with calcium in gastro tract and then forms difficult -absorption calcium oxalate which will disturb the absorption of calcium; mustard plant like brassica napobrassica contains glucosinolates and will become volatile oil mustard after blanching which can make the dish more delicious and easier to digest; wild vegetable like summer purslane had better be blanched before to remove dust and insects and can prevent allergy; vegetable with starch, such as potato, dasheen, yam, should be cooked mature before eating, or else people cannot digest since the starch granule does not fracture; lentil and kidney bean that contain much saponins and hemagglutinin must be cooked completely mature.

In addition, even if some vegetable like lettuce are much suitable than green leaf vegetable to eat raw, do not have too much. Fresh vegetable contain nitrate which is easier to become nitrite, so having too much raw food also may cause poisoning.

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