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What Should Office Worker Eat for Breakfast

Busy work makes office workers always forget or ignore breakfast. Few people who have the habit of eating breakfast also simplified their breakfast as time is limited. Although they had breakfast, the breakfast is not healthy at all. Here many people will ask what on earth should we have for breakfast. What kind of breakfast is healthy?
First of all, the time you waiting should not be too long; next, it must be easy to digest since food that is difficult to digest will cause discomfort all day; thirdly, you need to have warm food which can help recover energy that is still sleep.

The two breakfasts below are good choices. One is date and maize porridge matching with chicken sandwich. The maize contains rich carotene and all kinds of vitamin; date can supplement blood and qi as well as strengthen immunity effectively. The porridge with a chicken sandwich will make you energetic and so you can handle the work easily.
Another one is a bottle of fresh yogurt matching with tow pieces of whole wheat bread and a tomato. Yogurt and tomato all have rich vitamin A which is a good thing to improve eye sight. So it is very necessary for office worker who always use computer or writes all the time. Meanwhile, vitamin A also can promote the rebirth of skin cells, promote the update rate for deep cells, make your skin more elastic and regulate the skin cell cutinization process.
If your time is quite limited, you can have a instant soup which only needs 15 seconds. You can buy it in the supermarket where have various flavors. And have two pieces of bread on the way to work and later have some fruit in office.

Besides, egg also is very good choice. Protein and fat in egg can help maintain energy and keep you feel full so as to avoid having dessert in the morning. In addition, egg contains all the protein and amino acid we need.
Some people worry that having too many eggs will cause their cholesterol becoming too high, so they dare not to have too many. It is true that egg contains some cholesterol, however, the idea of having eggs will affect your cholesterol level has been proved wrong. Therefore, you do not have to worry about increasing the risk of having heart disease.
Choline is one of the basic elements in egg which can stimulate the brain development and function. This is related to prolonging memory saving, increasing memory and enhancing alertness. The carbon dioxide, lutein and zeaxanthin, in egg can protect the eyes from hurting by the ultraviolet rays.

In a word, having breakfast is very necessary to office worker for a good health and good work efficiency. People who still do not have breakfast should change your living habit immediately. Healthy life begins from the breakfast.

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