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The Most Good Anti-cancer Food List

Reasonable dieting itself is a very important anti-cancer measure, and on this basis, you can supplement some anti-cancer food appropriately.
Its nutrition exceeds flour, brown rice, and having corn often can prevent atherosclerosis, cardio-cerebro-vascular disease, cancer, hypercholesteremia, and hypertension.

Sweet potato:
Sweet potato contains rich carotene, lysine, plant fiber, and DHEA. It can prevent colorectal cancer and breast cancer.

Pumpkin is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, and has calcium, cellulose, tryptophan-p and so on. It can prevent obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and hypercholesteremia which is good food for preventing cancer.

Wheat bran:
Wheat bran is the storage of the main nutrients of wheat which contains mineral substances like vitamin B, selenium, and magnesium and many plant fibers. It is good to prevent colorectal cancer, diabetes, high fat hypercholesteremia, constipation and piles and so on.

Radish and carrot:
Both radish and carrot contains rich vitamin C. carrot also contains rich carotene, and so they can prevent cancer effectively.

It is nutritious and contains the necessary amino acid that human needs, many kinds of vitamin and minerals, and selenium and rich vitamin D. so it can strengthen human immunity, and prevent gastric cancer and esophageal cancer.

It contains selenium and vegetable fiber which can be used to prevent many kinds of cancers.

Balsam pear:
The anti-cancer function of balsam pear is that it contains a protein similar to quinine which can activate the immune cells. Balsam pear seed contains the ingredient that can inhibit the attacking and transformation of cells.

It contains rich nutrition, and also solanine, cucurbitacin, stachydrine, and choline among which solanine and cucurbitacin have been proved that can prevent cancer.

It has been proved that garlicin and allicin can inhibit many cancer cells effectively. The garlicin also can prevent from combining nitrosamines. Garlic also contains rich selenium, germanium which can active the swallowing function of macrophage.

Soy bean and soy bean product:
In soy bean products, the soybean, pea, lentil, mung bean and sword bean all contain nucleic acid that can prevent and resist cancer.

Liliaceous vegetable like green onion, onion, garlic and so on, and crucifer vegetable like cabbage, radish, turnip which contain a lot of sulfide can increase the enzyme to detoxify liver and strengthen the effect of preventing cancer.

Green tea:
According to the research both at home and abroad, tea, especially green tea is thought of having effective anti-cancer function.

In addition, having more jujubes, hawthorn, kiwi, grape, smoked plum, cabbage, and sea products all can prevent cancer.

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