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Ten Misunderstandings of Having Vegetable

Abstract: vegetable is one of the essential foods in daily life. It can provide the necessary various vitamins and mineral that human needs. The nutrients in vegetable, at present, that can prevent chronic, degenerative diseases are being discovered by human being.
Vegetable is rich in vitamin, mineral, and dietary fiber, and also various health care factors. But, many people do not know how to eat vegetable and they damages or loses a lot of beneficial material, or even let the harmful material hurt human body due inappropriate eating methods. Below is the correct way of eating vegetable.

1.  cut and clean
There are many nutrients and beneficial substance are water-soluble. The vegetable that has been cut into pieces is easy to lose nutrition in water. So the correct way is to clean first and then cut and then cook.
2.  squeeze the vegetable juice
when making the filling of wonton and steamed stuffed bun, you need to cut the vegetable into small pieces and at this time, there will be a lot of juice coming out. Some people will squeeze the juice in order to solid the shape or for convenience. This will discharge 70% vitamin and mineral in the vegetable. The correct way is to cut and stir the vegetable with smoked bean curd, mushroom and meat to let the vegetable juice penetrate into other fillings. This can make the bun more delicious.
3.  hide the vegetable for a long time
Withered vegetable not only tastes bad, but also most of the vitamin C has been destroyed. Nontoxic nitrate in vegetable will restore to nitrite and nitrite can make normal hemoglobin into methemoglobin which not only has oxygen carrying capacity, but also may make the fingernails, lips or even the whole body become black and blue or fluster and exasperate when the situation is serious. Therefore, you had better have fresh vegetable.
4.  inappropriate cold storage
The appropriate temperature of most vegetables is between 3 centigrade and 10 centigrade. But the cucumber cannot be put under 10 centigrade and the color of it will be darker and cucumber will be softer if being put under 4 centigrade refrigerator. What’s worse, after cutting the cucumber, there will be transparent glue liquid and the fragrant of cucumber all disappear.
5.  eating raw food blindly
Some food contains poison itself and so must be cooked with boiling water first to damage the poison in it. These foods include sword bean, hyacinth bean, potato and bean sprouts. So the vegetable that you want to eat raw must be nontoxic and have never been polluted, such as breed like radish, tomato, cucumber that with good tastes. Nowadays, in the market, most vegetables have been sprinkled with pesticide. Although people may have been used to soap and clean the vegetable first before eating, it actually can only remove 30% pesticide and eating raw is definitely harmful to human body.
6.  cooking time
Vitamin C in the vegetable is easy to oxygenize and dissolve when meeting with fire. The loss will be less when stir fire with big fire or when heating covered for a short time. The vitamin C will be reduced by 60% or more when cooking over ten minutes.
7.  eating the other meal or the other night
According to the tests, the vitamin C will be reduced by 20% if the fried vegetable has been put aside for over 15 minutes, and reduced by 30% if being put aside for 20 minutes, and 50% if being put aside for 50 minutes. A dish that has been put aside for the other meal or night is also easy to become bad. People may get food poisoning after eating it. Therefore, you had better have it in the moment which is healthy and nutritious.
8.  adding too much oil
Vegetable oil and animal oil are the same which will produce 9 kilo calorie heat every gram of oil. Having too much oil may induce obesity or may cause hypertension, cardio-cerebro-vascular disease due to too much absorption. Therefore, you should add moderate oil when cooking. A person only needs to have 25 grams of oil everyday and should not exceed 30 grams.
9.  the vegetable soup must be thrown away
When cooking the dish, there are about 30% to 70% vitamin and other water-soluble nutrients will be dissolved in soup. If you have blanch the vegetable once before cooking which have removed oxalate, nitrite and pesticide, and add less oil and salt when cooking, the vegetable soup is harmless.
10.  having too much
The reasons why you can not have too much vegetable are that: first of all, most vegetables are not easy to digest, especially bamboo shoot, celery, broad bean which contain a lot of coarse fiber. The situation of gastrointestinal patients will be aggravated if had too much and also may cause hepatic cirrhosis patient gastric bleeding or esophageal variceal bleeding; a lot of cellulose will affect the absorption of calcium and zinc, especially for the pregnant and the children who are develop; protein in vegetable mainly belongs to “incomplete protein” which lacks of the essential amino acid for human body. Some people will have no high quality animal protein and the fat soluble vitamin A, D for a long time in order to lose weight, they will get malnutrition. The appropriate amount of vegetable that human should absorb everyday is 300 grams to 500 grams.

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