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Some Kind of Stomachache Cannot Be Rubbed

There are some people in daily life like to rub their belly when having stomachache. This may be can relieve the stomachache caused by gastrointestinal spasm, but it not only cannot kill pain, but will aggravate the situation for many diseases.

1.  When having gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer, if you have excessive alcohol, the ulcer part will fall apart and pierce or the blood vessels there will broke and bleed. The patients now will feel acute pain in stomach and if people rub their stomach now, the mechanic stimulation will make the damage worse and aggravate the situation or even threaten life.
2.  Acute peritonitis and appendicitis also are common disease in internal medicine. When the disease attacks, although the stomach will be painful, the inflammation part is limited, and you only need to go to hospital early and the inflammation can be controlled. However, if people now rub their stomach, the inflammation will spread fast and so the rubbing is just helping the disease.
3.  ascaris lumbricoides lumps and intestinal adhesion distortion also can cause the substance in the enteric cavity move unsmoothly and then occurs mechanic ileus. If you rub your stomach at this moment, the ascaris lumbricoides will run around because of the squeeze and then ascaris biliaire or even intestinal perforation. Ileus caused by other reasons also may make things worse if rub stomach.

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