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Sitting on Ice Pad to Remove Heat is Not Good to Health

Ice pad can take away the heat and make people feel cool when human sitting on it. It is because there is a special “ice” combined by a kind of natural material and high polymer material in it. Ice pad can absorb heat strongly and usually can keep the temperature under 30 centigrade which is 6 to 7 centigrade lower than human body. Huang Xiaomin, the director of emergency department in Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, thinks that ice pad can be used to lower the temperature temporarily, but it is not suitable to use for a long time.

The normal temperature of human body is between 36.5 and 37 centigrade. When the body temperature declines, the metabolism rate also will be lower down and this is bad to health. If the temperature of human abdomen is too low, it will cause mesenteric vascular spasm. Some old people or people with a weak spleen and stomach will have diarrhea. Female will have dysmenorrheal if sitting on ice pad during periods. In addition, you are not suggested to sit on ice pad for too long in office.

The coat of ice pad mainly is made from polyethylene material. It is ok to contact it for a short time. But when contacting for a long time, some people may have skin allergy. Therefore, if you are going to use ice pad, you should first of all control the time, and then had better wrap some natural fabrics like a tier of signature cotton.

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