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Inhale While Taking a Bath Help Digest

After a busy day work, having a hot bath can recover your tired body. If you add some “small movements” during your bath, it can not only accelerate the rate to relieve tired, but also can solve some problems on your body.
Rub your face when tired

Many people have this feeling that rub your face for a while when you are tired can make you feel refreshed soon. This is because there are many facial muscle and sensitive nerves in the face. Hot water can stimulate these nerves and rubbing face can accelerate the blood flow as well as stretching the facial muscle. When taking a bath, you had better rub your face at the rate of one time per second and rub three to five every time for at least three minutes every time.
You must pay attention that 40 centigrade water is most suitable to remove fatigue. It is because the normal axillary temperature of human body is 37 centigrade, the inner temperature is 40 centigrade, and so 40 centigrade is most close to human temperature. If the temperature is too high, and you consume too much heat which not only cannot remove fatigue, but will make people uncomfortable; if the temperature is too low, the blood vessels will contract which is not good to remove fatigue.

Inhale more when indigestion
When you are at a bad appetite, you can take a bath 30 minutes before you have meal to stimulate your stomach with hot water. When your body is warm, spray hot water on your breast to have one minute rest between every five second spraying and repeat this five times; taking a bath can first soap yourself in the hot water for 20 to 30 minutes and meanwhile have abdominal breath (inhale from the nose to let your abdomen trump up and then exhale from the mouth), and then stimulate the abdomen with cool water,. This kind of stimulation with hot and cool water can promote gastric juice secretion and increase appetite. People with too much gastric acid, or have gastric ulcer, or duodenal ulcer should be soaped in the hot water for 3 to 4 minutes to control the gastric acid secretion to relieve and control the disease.
Rub the belly when constipation
You can massage your abdomen with palms clock wise when taking a bath, and in the meantime breathe deeply with abdomen trump up and down and shower your abdomen which can cure chronic constipation and prevent and cure piles. As for nervous constipation, you should rush your intestines with 40 centigrade hot water for 3 minutes and then 10 seconds with 25 centigrade warm water; do this for five times to make your large intestine move actively.

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