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How to Deal With Poisonous Insect Sting in summer

It is easier to be bite by insects or mosquito in summer when traveling. What should we do if we have been bitten by insects of mosquito during your vacation and cannot go to hospital immediately?
Scorpion and bee sting: disinfection is very important
After being bitten by scorpion, hornet, and bee, you should first of all stab the wound with sharp needle and then press the lump to squeeze the poisoning juice and venom out; later wash the wound with alkaline water, or apply some soap water, baking soda or ammonia water.

When you do not have needles, you also can mix the alkaline noodle into paste with kerosene which can disinfect, stop itching, remove swelling-up and kill pain. You also can grind two aspirins into powder and stir it into paste with cool water which has the same effect.
Leech sting: scatter salt is the point
When swimming, if you have been bitten by leech, do not be panic and pull it with might and main, you should beat it with palm or shoe sole. After dramatic beating, the sucker and calyx of leech will naturally let go.

In addition, leech is afraid of slat, so you can scatter some salt or some drops of salty water on him and it will contract its body immediately and then fall down.
Folk prescription is quite effective to cure insect bite
You can grind chopped onion leaves with onion or garlic into paste, and apply them to the wound; or you can drop and apply fresh milk to the wound repeatedly; or wash the cactus and unpin the stab of it, and then grind it into paste and apply to the wound. All these have the effect of killing bacteria, stopping itch, disinfecting, killing pain, and removing swelling-up. If you occasionally catch a leech or hornet, you can soap then with white wine and when next time there is someone who has been bite again, you can apply the wine to the wound which is effective.
As for the most common mosquito biting, you can apply some cooling ointment, essential balm, or safflower oil to the wound repeatedly which is also very effective.

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