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How Should Computer User Protect Eyes

Abstract: during the intervals of your work, you can do some simple eye movement, to relieve the eye strain caused by staring at words for a long time. Some simple movements can make your stiffed eyes bright and flexible and then challenge the tests of screen again,

How should 24-hour computer user protect their eyes? As a new day coming, you should face your colleagues with a pair of bright eyes. However, how to keep it bright after a whle day’s excessive use of eyes. The experts in Tianjin 254 Eye Center tell us that how to protect eyes.
1. If you feel your eyes have swollen up, you can add a spoonful of salt into a glass of warm water; soap the cotton in it and then press out the water; put the cotton on your eyes for a few minutes which can effectively relieve your symptom.
2. After getting up in the morning, have a big glass of warm lemon juice which can remove the toxin in human body and prevent eye loosing.

3. If your eyes are swelling up because that you had too much water last night, you can wash your face with cold water, and then apply the cold towel on your eyes; if your eyes are swelling up because you drank or stayed up last night, you can apply the warm towel on your eye to promote the eye blood circulation and relieve eye muscle strain.
4. It is also very important to choose the right eye gel for yourself. Generally speaking, pasty eye cream is nutritious while eye gel clines to supplement water. Eye swelling up is caused by the gathering of water and so the skin can not absorb. If you supplement water again, you only make things worse. Therefore, when your eyes are swelling up, you must choose eye cream that can remove swelling up.
10:00 a.m.
During the intervals of your work, you can do some simple eye movements to relieve the eye strain caused by keeping staring at words. Simple movements can let your stiffed eyes move again and challenge new tests again.
1. Keep your head still, only move your eyes and look up as upper as possible for five seconds and then look down for five seconds.

2. Look to the left for five seconds and then turn your eyesight to the right.
3. Move your eyeballs from left to right, and repeat this for five times.
4. Move your eyeballs from right to left, and repeat this for five times.
2:00 p.m.
Have some rest after lunch, and then do simple eye massage to help blood circulation around eyes flow smoother.
1. Use your middle and ring fingers to press your eye socket gently to relieve eye tissue.
2.Press gently with your middle finger on your eyelid from the bridge of the nose; the order is from inner eye corner to the eye corner.
3. Press gently with your middle finger on your eyelid from the external eye corner to the inner corner.
6:00 p.m.
After your work, you are going to a date with some friend, and you finally can remove your cosmetics. The technique of cleaning is to about how to reduce eye wrinkles.
1. Do not only dip remover with finger pup; you should apply the remover with all your hands to your face. The trend of your hands should from inside to outside and from up to down.
2. Drop some nutritious and pure Chinese medicine Sharp Sight eye drops in your eyes to relieve eye dryness and eye strain.

10:00 p.m.
Prepare well before go to sleep and so you would not have a pair of swelling eyes next morning.
1. Do not have too much water three hours before you go to sleep, or else your eyes will swell up the next morning no matter you are single-fold eyelid or double eye.
2. Adjust your pillow 5 to 10 cm higher before you sleep, which guarantees that the water would not accumulate around your eyes and so leads to swelling up.
3. After go to bed, press gently with your ring finger on the middle part of palpebra inferior for 10 to 12 times which can help the lymph circulation around your eyes to reduce eye ponding.

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