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Do Not Refuse Fat Blindly

It also does not mean the less fat, the better. There are particularly fat two kinds, i.e. the omega-3 that belongs to polyunsaturated fat and omega-6 which are the necessary factor for human activity, so they are called as the essential fatty acid. They are the important ingredients for combining phospholipids and prostaglandin. The lack of essential fatty acid will cause problems like the abnormal of cellular structures and function, and synthesis defect of prostaglandin. Essential fatty acid also has close relation with the cholesterol metabolism and insufficient absorbing will cause abnormal of cholesterol metabolism. As for children, the lack of essential fatty acid will cause development delay, reproductive disorder, skin injury and many diseases like liver, kidney, nerve, visual system. Meanwhile, fat is not only the carrier of fat-soluble vitamins (vitamin A, D, E, K), but also can stimulate the secretion of bile and promote the absorption and usage of fat-soluble vitamin. If someone refuses to absorb fat for a long time, it will cause fat deficiency in human body and cause lack of fat-soluble vitamin and finally forms disease.
Nevertheless, as people can combine with other resources like carbohydrate to form human need saturated fatty acid, so people do not have to absorb from food on purpose. Only polyunsaturated fatty acid omega-3 and omega-6 can not be combined automatically by human body, so they have to be absorbed from food and so are called essential fatty acid.
Among the fat total amount human absorb every day, saturated fatty acid accounts for at most one thirds, and polyunsaturated fatty acid accounts for at least one thirds. The most ideal proportion of two essential fatty acids is 1:1. Meanwhile, according to the recommendation from our nutritionists, the energy comes from fat people absorb everyday had better be 20% to 25% of the total demand and the amount for children can be 30% to 35% since they need more energy to grow faster. According to different situations (work, exercises, etc), a common male adult needs 2400 to 4000 kilocalories, and a female adult (weights about 50 kilograms) needs 2200 to 3200 kilocalories every day. Every gram of fat can provide 9 kilocalories for human body and so we can work out the fat amount we need every day.
As far as the food human contact everyday, the best source of omega-6 comes from plant seed and the oil made from these seeds. The best seeds include pumpkin seed, sunflower, safflower, sesame, corn, walnut, soy bean, and wheat germ. The best sources for omega-3 include plant like flaxseed, pumpkin seed, flaxseed oil, pumpkin oil and animal like deep sea fish such as mackerel, herring, and tuna, salmon and so on and also the deep fish oil extracted from these fish.

Human should try to avoid absorb saturated fatty acid in daily life.
It is because saturated fatty acid will increase the LDL (low density cholesterol) and these LDL will accumulate slowly in the arterial wall, become atheromatous small tumor and cause atherosclerosis after going into the blood; while unsaturated fatty acid can help lower the cholesterol content in blood which contains both LDL and HDL (high density cholesterol). This is actually the disadvantage of unsaturated fatty acid, but most people nowadays have too high cholesterol, and so the advantage of lowering cholesterol still overweighs the disadvantage of unsaturated fatty acid concerning health. In comparison, monounsaturated fatty acid will affect the content of HDL when it lowering the LDL content.
The problem lies in that food with rich saturated fatty acid and cholesterol also is the nutritious food, but people do not need to refuse them all and can take some precautions. For example, choose low-fat milk or skim milk; get rid of oil when cooking and dining pork, beef and mutton; get rid of oil and skin when cooking and dining chicken, duck, goose; have less fried food and do not eat animal oil; had better cook with vegetable oil with unsaturated fatty acid.
What you should refuse is the trans-fatty acid which mainly comes from hydrogenated vegetable oil.
The hydrogenated vegetable oil that are mainly used in: puffy bread such as French horn, puffy bean paste; dessert with puffy or snack; potato chips, fried chips; egg pie or strawberry pie; instant noodle; puff, wafer, shortcake, and fried dough twist; chocolate; salad dressing; cream cake and cream bread; ice cream; coffee mate or instant coffee and so on.
You also should refuse artificial fat.
For example, artificial cream, vegetable butter, non dairy whipping cream, vegetable light cream and vegetable cream and so on.

Since human body can turn carbohydrate into fat inside and so you should also control the absorption of carbohydrate. The absorption of carbohydrate in human daily life mainly comes from staple food such as root stuff like noodle, rice, potato, sweet potato. People had better have those foods for about one thirds of the total amount. Sugar also can be transformed into fat and so you should also control the amount of sugar and some food with rich natural sugar, such as cake, sachima, ice cream, and so on. Even fruit, you should also had better not have too much since the fructose in fruit can be turned into fat.
All the redundant fat, no matter it is saturated fat or unsaturated fat, will finally store in human body. Therefore, if you want to be healthy, besides controlling and noticing the diet, the more important thing is to do some appropriate exercise. Sport is the best way to consume redundant fat in human body.

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