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Conclusion from America: Habits that Will Short One’s Life

Long life cannot be apart from healthy living style. Bad habits like smoking and excessive dieting will short your life unconsciously. Recently, the living website About in America published a passage concludes the bad habits that you should avoid.
1.  Smoking. Smoker will have 14 years old less life time averagely. What’s more, their living quality will be decline and may have problems like insomnia, short breath and over exciting.

2.  Risky driving or do not buckle up. Reckless dangerous driving and do not buckle up when driving are the top reasons for accident death of young people. They are also the main reasons for middle aged people and old people accidental death.
3.  Do not like exercise. Long time sitting in front of the television being a “sofa potato” will lower your life expectancy 9 years. Do not exercise will also cause problems like without strength, great pressure and difficult to fall asleep.
4.  Do not like eating vegetables and fruits. Fruits and vegetables not only can keep health, but also can repair some damage caused by aging. Having more fruit and vegetable can reverse the body aging process.
5.  Stressfulness. Chronic stress will cause harmful stress hormone to damage body tissue continuously. You should learn to relax through relaxing methods like yoga and sitting cross-legged.
6.  Do not accept aging. Aging will make people depress and complain about unfairness. Negative attitude toward aging will make you 7 years short life expectancy.

7.  Do not accept disease screening. Do not accept inspections like Breast X-ray examination, skin cancer screening. This will delay the diagnosing and curing disease and miss the key period of saving life.
8.  Excessive dieting. Excessive dieting will make you short your life expectancy. Having meal seventy percent full can help prolong your life.
9.  No objective and belief in life. People who have objective and belief can live longer and has relatively lower blood pressure and healthier immune system.
10.  Have no friend or mate. Do not keep close relationship with others (such as marriage) and the life definitely will be shorter.

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