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Children Younger Than Two Years Old Had Better Do Not Have Yogurt

One of the mothers asked in QQ group yesterday: “can I solve the baby constipation by feeding yogurt?” a question caused many resonances and many new mother was bothered by the problem.
The reporter found among five QQ mother groups that all parents think that having probiotics can improve the problem of dry stool, sparse shit and the first choice is yogurt. It is because most yogurt in the supermarket contains lots of probiotics and lactic acid bacteria which can help baby intestines absorb food better. On April 30th seven o’clock, the yogurt stand in a supermarket was doing free tasting activity and the salesman would send a small cup of yogurt and said that “it can help digesting” whenever he saw a customer.

The reporter asked: “the baby is only one year old and can he drink?” the salesman said that: “of course, it can improve excrement and children have much more that the adult.” The reporter asked again: “this is too icy and the baby maybe have loose bowel.” The salesman said that you can go home and soap it with warm water and then have it.
The reporter noticed that all old people with grandchildren like to let them taste yogurt. One of the mother said that her child is almost two years old and the child began to have yogurt since one and half year old, and have three glasses every day. She said that: “every one said that yogurt is good.”
Yogurt is fermented by lactic acid bacterial through milk and is good to human body which is quite popular among the public. But the expert in Wuhan Food and Drug Administration reminds that having yogurt is bad for baby. It is because the enzyme system in baby body for metabolism is still incomplete, and having too much yogurt with lactic acid will cause indigestion, diarrhea and vomit. Therefore, the baby had better do not have yogurt before two years old. You can try to feed some after two years old.

1.  When the stomach is empty, the PH value of gastric juice is below two and the lactic acid bacteria are easier to be killed if has beverage like yogurt. What’s more, the health care function is declined. Two hours later after meal, the gastric juice has been diluted and so the ph value is up to 3 to 5, at this time, you can have some yogurt which is helpful to the growth of lactic acid bacteria.
2.  There are some kinds of bacteria, or acid substance, high sugar ingredient in yogurt is risk to teeth and ma cause children having dental caries. Therefore, you should tell the baby to brush their teeth after having yogurt.
3.  Do not heat the yogurt. The active lactic acid bacteria in yogurt will be killed after heating which will lose the flavor and the nutrition.
4.  yogurt cannot be had with some medicine, such as some antibiotics like chloramphenicol, erythromycin, and sulfanilamide medicine and astringent which is used to cure diarrhea. It may kill or damage the lactic acid bacteria in yogurt.

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