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Broccoli with Mustard Can Resist Cancer

Inappropriate combination of food will hinder the absorption of nutrition, and the good collaboration of food then will be benefit to human health. The Eat Better magazine in America published an article recently discussing about the seven combinations of food.
1. Broccoli with mustard
Raw broccoli contains SFN which can resist cancer strongly, but the myrosinase in it will be destroyed after the broccoli is cooked. This substance is very important for human body to absorb SFN. A research of British Journal of Nutrition found that having broccoli with mustard can supplement myrosinase effectively and so the anti-cancer character can be developed better.

2. coffee with sugar
According to a research on Human Psychopathology: Clinical and Experiment, coffee with sugar can make the brain area which is responsive for the attention more active and so help enhance work efficiency. Green tea or black tea with honey also has the same effect. But, you should remember the sugar daily absorption content suggested by the American Heart Association: male should have less than 9 tea spoonful of sugar, and female should have less than 6 tea spoonful of sugar.

3. adzuki bean with raspberry
In 2011, the Agricultural and Food Chemistry published a research which says that the adzuki bean with raspberry can increase the antioxidant effect by 45%. This collaboration ranks the first among all the 55 vegetables and fruits with beans.

4. curry with salmon
The UK BMC Cancer published that, the curcuminoids in curry and the DHA in many deep ocean fish like salmon all have the effect of resist cancer. And adding some curry when having fatty fishes like salmon and trout can make the anti-cancer effect double. The reason is that DHA can help human body take advantage of curcuminoids better.

5. whole grain food with onion (or garlic)
The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry published a new research that found out having whole grain food with onion or garlic can enhance the absorption to the iron and zinc in whole grain food. Iron can help improve the carrying oxygen of cells, and zinc can help strengthen the immunity and promote wound healing, the scientist says that the key point is the sulfide in onion and garlic.

6. soy bean with green leaf vegetable
Soy bean is one of the important resources of iron. Vitamin C can help human body absorb iron. Therefore, soybean with green leaf vegetable which is rich in vitamin C can supplement iron better.

7. tomato with olive oil
Tomato is rich in lycopene which can help reduce the risk of having breast cancer and heart disease. According to a research of the Free Radical Biology and Medicine, tomato with olive oil can make people absorb more lycopene.

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