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Be Careful About Four Kinds of Sweating

Sweating is the way people regulate their temperature. When the weather is hot or when you are doing some exercise, your body will lower the temperature to normal level through perspiration steaming. However, it is not good to have too much perspiration. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, perspiration is the metabolic production of body fluid; the blood and perspiration are with the same resource; therefore, sweating too much will consume qi and hurt fluid, blood and heart. The elderly should be especially careful about this since they always have abnormal sweating due to general debility.

Have too much perspiration in palms and arches. People usually sweat in palms, arches, and armpits. According to the Concise Exposition on Febrile Disease, “perspiration is mainly caused by spleen, stomach and limbs steaming.” This kind of sweating mainly shows discomfort of spleen, stomach and intestinal tract. If this perspiration comes along with dry mouth, swelling and aching of gum, you can have Niuhuangqingwei pills, Qingweihuanglian pills and so on; if it comes along with abdominal swelling and pain, constipation; this mainly demonstrates that there are excrement deposited in intestinal tract and you can have laxative. In addition, there are some external methods, such as taking tooth bath with alum or puerarin soup, washing hands with radix astragali soup. The situation will be improved as time goes by.
Have too much perspiration on head and face. The elderly or weak female after delivery will have too much sweat on head which belongs to deficiency of vital energy. If you have too much sweat on head, you should nourish kidney and clear your lung; you can make water with radix ophiopogonis, or have some lily and japonica rice porridge which can nourish lung and stop sweating. As for people who sweats a lot on head and feels hot all over when having meal, he should mainly pour stomach fire out and do not have food that is too oily but have more fresh vegetable. Also there are some people sweat a lot on forehead caused by heavy moisture, they should have more food that can clear damp and promote diuresis, such as the seed of job’s tears, yam, sweet potato, and winter melon.

Sweat a lot in the day as long as you move. In the condition that you do not move or move slightly, you still sweat a lot. These people always have the features like poor health, speaking with a low voice, bad appetite and easy to catch a cold. According to the traditional Chinese medicine, this is the demonstration of deficiency of vital energy. This kind of people should have too yam, soy bean milk, mutton or beef, lentil, chestnut, walnut kernel and so on; or have radix codonopsis and astragalus cooking with chicken to supplement body, relieve deficiency; or you can exercise through slow movements to streghthen quality, such as shadowbox, baduan jin exercise and so on. Here is a recommended soup: prepare astragalus and date soup. 30 grams of astragalus, 20 date, 100g rams of pork lean, and cook these with water. This soup is suitable for people with deficiency of vital energy.
Sweat a lot at midnight. This situation mainly appears on middle aged people of 50 years old and old people of over 65 years old. After falling asleep, people will sweat a lot on breast, back, thighs at midnight and it stops when wake up. This is called “night sweat” by traditional Chinese medicine. This kind of people always have features like insomnia, hot in palms and arches, upset, flush of cheeks, and dry mouth and so on which are mainly caused by deficiency of kidney and hot liver fire. They should be forbidden to have spicy food and alcohol, and have more fresh vegetable, combine exertion and rest. They also should clean or air-cure bed clothes, bed board, pajamas to keep them dry. Also, you should take bath often to reduce the stimulation of perspiration to skin. In addition, diseases like hypoglycemia, hyperthyroidism, diabetes also may cause sweating and these patients should go to hospital as soon as possible.

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