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90% Air Conditioners at Home Have Too Much Bacteria

Air conditioner, which is supposed to make people comfortable, now becomes the source of disease. Would you not feel unworthy? A few days before, the result of a research about home air conditioner conducted by some institutes including CDC, Shanghai CDC, School of Public Health in Fudan University shows that, 88% of the heat sink in air conditioner had too much bacteria, and 84% of it had too much mildew; it has been estimated that the bacteria in heat sink can be as high as 1000 times.

It is said that this research covers home in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Peking. 96.2% of the conditioner users knew about filter net pollution, and only 30.2% of them knew about heat sink pollution. We can see that people ignores the importance of heat sink.
The doctor supervisor in Fudan University School of Public Health, Professor Song Weimin told the reporter of Life that, heat sink, as one of the core parts of air conditioner, can not only accumulate dust, but also will produce a lot of bacteria and mildew such as staphylococcus aureus if the environment is wet. People usually close the door and windows when turning on the air conditioner. This will cause a poor air flow in house and when the wind coming out of air conditioner carries bacteria, people will have respiratory system disease, such as cold, and pneumonia.
According to the data, half of the people in the world are in indoor air pollution and this air pollution has already caused 35.7% people suffering respiratory system disease, 22% of chronic lung disease, and 15% of bronchitis and lung cancer. Among all these pollution sources that caused indoor air pollution. Air conditioner pollution cannot be ignored. An rice experiment conducted by the disinfection branch of CPMA (Chinese Preventive Medicine Association) proved this point. The laboratory personnel put two bowls of rice under one wall-mounted air conditioner with cleaned filter net with one covered and another one uncovered. Then turned on the air conditioner and closed the doors and windows. 72 hours later, the rice in covered bowl only changed a little, while the rice in uncovered bowl has appeared mounds of mildew stain.

Song Jianmin suggested that we should clean both the filter net and heat sink in order to reduce the possibility of having disease caused by air conditioner. Filter net can be taken off and clean; while heat sink cannot be taken off, so you can buy caned air conditioner cleaning agent which not only can remove dust but also can disinfect. You should first take off the filter net, and then you can see the heat sink. Next, shake up the cleaning agent and then spray it on the surface of heat sink and let it be on for 15 minutes and later turn on the cooler air conditioner. At this time, the polluted water in heat sink will flow out through condenser. In normal condition, canned cleaning agent of 500 ml can be used twice. In addition, you have to clean and disinfect the air conditioner when you are turning off it for the first time every year for a new season; you can clean once more during the whole summer.

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