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What Kind of Plastic Product Should be Changed?

Some people say that our life maybe 130 years back ward if we did not have plastic; we can see that how important plastic products are to our life. However, in recent years, the discussions about the plastic safety sprung up like mushrooms, and people feel “hate and hatred” to plastic since they cannot leave it. In fact, you should know how to choose if you want to use plastic healthy and convenient.
“Safe” plastic product does not exist at all?
A few days before, a research conclusion published on the Environmental Healthy Perspective Journal shocked the public: there is no “safe” plastic at all in reality. The researchers in the University of Texas have tested on 455 different types of plastic containers (including plastic bad and baby milk bottle). All the plastic products have been installed with simulation food and then tested the separating chemical ingredients after heating, wet heating (such as steaming and boiling) and ultraviolet rays exposure.

The result shows that 95% of the plastic products will separate a kind of chemical substance similar to estrogen out, and 100% of the food package and food fresh-keeping box as well 98% of the plastic bags will separate similar-estrogen substance out. What’s more, these plastic products will separate this kind of substance even if they have not been processed and only been used to contain all kinds of liquid.
Milk bottle tagged without bisphenol A and water glass have even higher estrogenic activity than plastic glass made from polycarbonate. For example, plastic container with salt water (to simulate vegetable and other food with much water) will separate a lot of chemical toxin after heating by the microwave oven. If you use milk bottle to contain milk or other food with much fat and then expose them in the ultraviolet rays, it will separate more chemical toxin than salt water.
Why plastic product is not safe?
The reason why plastic is not safe is that it mixed with too much chemical drugs and addictives during processing. A kind of plastic product is made from at least 5 to 20 kinds of chemical substance. Although these chemical substances exist as the plastic polymer, they do not truly penetrate into the plastic product. Substances constituting plastic resin and addictive all will be separate out. Release agent and colorant for decorating plastic products also have high estrogenic activity.

How to avoid the harm from plastic product
The experts think that this kind of estrogen will bury hidden risk for health as time goes by. Although the plastic products are every where, you can change some unnecessary plastic products to avoid the harm. This mainly includes the bellowing aspects:
1.  Change the plastic container.
You definitely can replace the plastic fresh-keeping box, plastic bowl with glass, porcelain and stainless material container. These materials can be used safely in microwave oven, refrigerator, or cold room. You should not contain oily food with the plastic container or else there will be harmful substances separates out. The regulatory immunity is poor for baby, so you had better use glass bottle, porcelain spoon to replace plastic ones.

2.  Use less fresh-keeping film and plastic bag.
Most processed food in the market are sealed with plastic material, however, the food is hot when they are sealing it which will promote the separation of toxin and similar-estrogen substance. Therefore, you had better do not buy this kind of food. In addition, you have to uncover the fresh-keeping film or plastic bag before heating. When purchasing food, try to use cloth bags and avoid penetration of harmful substance into vegetable, fruit and meat.
3.  Get rid of plastic chopsticks.
The plastic chopsticks are easier to transform and produce harmful substance. It also may appear color losing, paint-falling off phenomenon. You may eat this harmful substance when the food or lips touching with the color losing or paint-falling off. You should choose bamboo chopsticks from the perspective of safety, conservation, and hygiene.

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