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Watch Out for “fake” Cold in summer

Li felt dizziness and failed on the college entrance examination since he had treated the allergic rhinitis wrongly as cold. The eighth “World Hypersensitivity Disease Day” has just passed, mother of Li decided to take the child to hospital.
Watch out for "fake" cold
Be careful about allergic rhinitis in summer

It is because Li treated the allergic rhinitis as cold and bear the "cold" symptoms repeatedly that he could not cure in time and affected the college entrance examination. Xue Kang, the director of the ENT department in Chengdu Military Hospital, reminds that the temperature inside and outside the house is big, and so people are easier to be confused in cold and allergic rhinitis. You can distinguish them from following aspects:
1.  Easier to have recurrent attacks. Generally, cold is caused by cold and it is easier to recover with a short time; while allergic rhinitis have recurrent attacks and the symptoms are always related to some certain environment or substance, such as flower powder, some kind of chemical substance.

2.  Constant sneezing. Although people with a cold also sneeze, he would not have constant sneezing; while people with allergic rhinitis will sneeze dozens constantly.
3.  More serious nose itching. People with cold also will feel nose itching, but would not be that unbearable like allergic rhinitis; people with allergic rhinitis feels like ants climbing in nose all the time. Child will scratch his nose since he is too young and do not know how to express.

4.  Unstoppable nasal discharge. At the first stage of cold, you may have water nose, but not much; while when you are with allergic rhinitis, massive water nasal discharge will"pour down".
5.  Less discomfort of your body. Cold is mainly caused by virus infection, so there are always many other discomfort like fever; while allergic rhinitis usually won't have this situation.
Cure allergic rhinitis promptly
Many people think that allergic rhinitis only make people suffer when it appears, and people will feel quite right usually. So, it is ok to cure it or not and there is no need to spend this"extra" money. However, the doctor points out that there is huge difference between with-cure and without-cure. If you do not cure, you will suffer recurrent attacks as long as you meet the "right" environment, and also it may cause many other ear-nose-throat diseases, such as nasal polyps, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome or even hypertension and coronary heart disease.
The mother said that Li was quite out-going, liked making friends with others and showing himself in class. He would not take part in activities like competition and speech since he had frequent running nose and sneezing. According to the mother, she thought it was cold at first and did not take it seriously, and then the child could not sleep well and had no appetite. She did not worry about it until the academic record of child fell down.
Take appropriate cure and do not believe folk prescription

Many patients mistrust folk prescription in order to recover soon, but delay the cure or result in inappropriate cure and induce many kinds of complications. The most common complications include asthma, chronic sinusitis, otitis media, sphagitis. When having allergic rhinitis, having anti-inflammation agents, cold medication and antibiotic medicine only can relieve the symptoms like nasal obstruction and running nose for a short time, but cannot cure it thoroughly.
The expert reminds that patients should go to the normal hospital for professional inspection and take medicine or cure accordingly after making clear of the reason. This can cure the disease completely. As for "old patient", director Xue suggest them to adopt nerve block with endoscopic sinus surgery and good lighting technology to find the exact diseased region. And then block the lesion tissue and clear them thoroughly and recover nasal function in time. This kind of outpatient surgery needs only 20 minutes which won't delay your work and study for it does not need to be in hospital. In addition, teenagers with allergic rhinitis are suggested to do some breath exercise or relax training, such as abdominal respiration exercise which can relieve tension and restlessness in some degree and improve the high-sensitive state.

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