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Vinegar is Good But May Not Suit You

Abstract: there are various vinegars in our country. The most common vinegars in the market usually are white vinegar, and red vinegar. The famous vinegars include Shanxi mature vinegar, Sichuan bran vinegar, and Zhenjiang grain vinegar.
Vinegar is the most common seasoning in our daily life, and it has some certain effects of preventing and curing diseases. Our country is the first one knew how to make vinegar. According to the Historical Records, early in the spring and autumn period, there was factory for making vinegar. The table vinegar is made from turning the sugar, protein, alcohol into the acetic acid and other organism under the enzyme effect and through the breeding and oxidation of acetic acid fungi which contains alcohol. It has been through a series of complicated biological and chemical reactions to make this compressive table vinegar.

The main ingredient of table vinegar is acetic acid, and the density is usually between 1% and 5%, and the old mature vinegar can be 20%. The sour flavor comes from the acetic acid. Good quality vinegar tastes sour with a little sweet and fragrant, which is not only the best seasoning, but also the best acid gastrotonica. It can promote appetite, help digestion, and is especially good to people who lack of acetic acid if they had some food soaped with vinegar or pickled with vinegar. Table vinegar also has some vitamin, such as vitamin B1, B2, and niacin and so on. Adding some vinegar when cooking dishes can promote the solution of calcium, phosphorus and iron and be absorbed completely. When cooking fish, adding some vinegar can not only remove the fishy, but also can dissolve the calcium and phosphorus in fish bone and enhance the nutrition value. When cooking pepper, adding some vinegar can reduce the loss of vitamin C in pepper and also remove some spicy flavor. When cooking beef or mutton, adding some vinegar can rot the meat more easily. When having oily food, adding some vinegar or have it dipping some vinegar can make the dish more fresh and delicious. Put some vegetables in the vinegar to make sauerkraut which is easier to keep, and is delicious.
Acetic acid has some certain killing bacteria effect. The Roman people once cure their wound by using vinegar, and in the middle century, after the death of some serious infection patients, the local people would soap their money and metal accessories before using to prevent from infection. Salad cold dish with vinegar can not only season flavor, but also help digest and prevent the intestinal infection diseases from happening. Roundworm will retreat when meeting the acid and so when you are having stomach pain caused by biliary ascariasis, you can have 50 ml vinegar with 50 ml warm water which can relive sphincter muscle bile duct and stop pain, and create good condition for furthering cure. Have vinegar twice a day after boiling can prevent influenza or angina parotidea. As for curing common cold through sour and spicy soup through sweating, you can apply it.

Vinegar ahs some certain health care use, but there is no sufficient scientific evidence for curing diseases, especially virus hepatitis, hypertension, lower cholesterol. There is also no experiment about this abroad and at home. There is also no scientific evidence for losing weight with vinegar.
Having vinegar for a long time may rot your teeth and make it lack of calcium. You should have it after diluting with water by using a tubularis. And brush your teeth with water after having it. People with too much gastric acid should not have vinegar. Vinegar is acid material, and should not be drunk for long-term. Excessive drinking will affect the acidity balance of human body which may cause poisoning, especially for chronic kidney disease patients. As for the newly popular vinegar drinking trend, the expert reminds that having vinegar do can help digestion, and it is good to people who are lack of gastric acid like atrophic gastritis patient, or gastric cancer patient, but you mush lower the acidity and have it less and occasionally.
Therefore, having vinegar may not suit for you.

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