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Two Wrong Ways of Eating Cucumber

Cucumber is the "common" vegetable in table, and it is quite popular because of its nutrition and cheap price among people, especially among female. Fresh cucumber contains tartronic acid which can effectively inhibit the sugar material from turning into fat. Therefore, it is regarded as the good vegetable for health care and shaping body. However, when eating the cucumber, sometimes it is edible, and sometimes it is inedible.
The cucumber is crisp in its pulp and sweet in its juice. It is delicious and fresh which contains colloid, tartaric acid, and bioactive enzyme. These substances can promote body metabolism, and cure burning, freckles, and skin allergy. Cucumber also can reduce fever and cause dieresis, and prevent constipation. The tartronic acid in fresh cucumber can effectively inhibit the sugar from tuning into the fat. So having cucumber often is benefit to losing weight can prevent from coronary heart disease.

Cucumber matches with peanut is easier to cause diarrhea
1+1<1 match
Cut the cucumber into dices, and stir with boiled peanut. This is a delicious cold dish which is usually seen on dining table in many families. Many male like to have a dish of cucumber with peanut when drinking,
In fact, this match is not appropriate. This is because these two foods matching together may cause diarrhea.
Yes, it is true that it may be ok for those people who have good gastrointestinal function. But, it is not good to people who has a bad gastrointestinal function, so they had better do not have them together, or do not have much even if you had them together.
Cucumber matches with pepper and celery will damage the vitamin C
There is a kind of vitamin C catabolic enzyme in cucumber, and in daily life, cucumber is usually ate raw when its catabolic enzyme is still active. So if it is eaten with food containing lots of vitamin C, such as pepper, the catabolic enzyme will damage the vitamin C in those food which although would not harm human body, it will reduce the absorption of vitamin C.
If you hope to supplement vitamin C through food like pepper, celery, cabbage mustard, balsam pear, then you had better do not have them with cucumber.
Common food with vitamin C and its content (mg/ 100g)
Food and content
Spinach: 32
Pepper (red, small): 144
Bell pepper: 72
Broccoli: 51
Bitter gourd: 56
Strawberry: 47
Apple: 4
Watermelon: 6
Fresh date: 243
Cucumber matches with fungus can detoxify and lose weight
1+1>2 match
Tartronic acid in cucumber can inhibit the sugar from turning into the fat so as to lose weight. Fungus contains various nutrients which is called as the " the meat diet in vegetables".
The vegetable jelly in fungus has strong absorptive power which can absorb some impurities left in the digestive system of human body and then rules them out so as to detoxify. These two foods can be mixed to lose weight, nourish and strengthen, balance blood and nutrition.

Cucumber matches with tofu can detoxify, diminish inflammation, moisten dryness and help digest
Tofu contains the most protein among plant food, and its protein is very easy to be absorbed by human body, so it is the ideal food for reducing gastrointestinal digestive function.
Tofu is cold and contains little carbohydrate. It can control body and moisten dryness. Matching with cucumber which is sweet and cold, it can reduce fever and cause diuresis, relieve exterior syndrome, detoxify, nourish lung and promote salvia, moisten dryness, and disperse blood.

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