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Three Beautify Principles in autumn

Although the autumn is coming, people still feel hot like summer. Skin problem is still the same with no change, such as dry skin, dim, and oily. All these problems still has no improvements. Then, we should not sit still waiting your skin becoming worse. There are three principles for beautifying.
Principle one: if you want to whiten your skin, moisture retention is the first step.
Our skin will lose a lot of water after cleaning, so in order to keep your skin at a comparatively stable state, we have to supplement water for our skin after cleaning.
Tips: your skin can only absorb the whitening product when the embellish degree of your skin is over 80%
When choosing the sprays, choose the one without other effect but with simple moisture retention effect. This is build basis for the following whitening product. It is because only when your embellish degree is over 80%, the absorption of whitening product can reach over 50%.

Principle two: choose hydrating lotion with high performance; clap it on your face to make your skin rosy
Tips: you need to use cotton pads when applying whitening lotion.
This can reduce the transformation of melanin and inhibit the growth of melanin. You should also apply the whitening lotion along the growth direction of pores with cotton pad to make skin absorb the nutrition immediately. Long-term usage of moisture whitening product can not only enhance the water content in skin as we as make your skin white and bright, but also make your skin absorb better after balanced water and oil.

Principle three: keep using the whitening essence
Essence mainly applied after toning lotion and contains mainly vitamin C, kojic acid, vitamin B3 and so on. It can not only make you white, recover your skin, but also can nourish your skin. You will see the effect if you have chosen the right product in 4 to 8 weeks.
Tips: choose whitening essence that can increase the brightness of skin
Choose daily whitening essence; massage your skin with finger pulp to make your skin white. If your skin color is dark and your make-up not natural, you also can choose daily whitening essence that can increase brightness to make your skin keep white the whole day.

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