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The Nutrition Is Half Without Garlic In Meat

There is an old going says that: " the nutrition is half if don't add garlic when having meat". Adding some garlic when having meat can not only promote appetite and flavor, but also makes the human body absorb the nutrition in the meat better and this saying is scientific.

According to the experiment, in meat product, especially in lean meat, there are a lot of vitamin B1 while vitamin Bi can stay short in human body and it will be excluded out of the body as the urine if the body cannot absorb it.
There are alliin and alliinase in garlic which are unique and can produce allicin when contact with vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 in the meat combines with allicin and then produce stable allithiamine which will enhance the content of vitamin B1 of 4 to 6 times.

What's more, allithiamine can prolong the time of vitamin B1 in human body and enhance the absorptivity and usage rate of vitamin B1 in the gastrointestinal tract which is very useful to eliminate the fatigue of human body and strengthen human quality.

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