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Stretching Oneself Can Remove Fatigue As Well As Nourish Blood and Heart

There is an old saying goes like this: “stretching often is an ancient saying and it can remove fatigue as well nourish blood and heart.” Here we can see that the ancient people are very interested in stretching.
Stretching includes movements of deep breathing, breast expansion, and waist stretching, arms lifting and legs tightening. It can clear your blood and loose your muscles and bones. You will feel comfortable and energetic if you stretch for a few times even though you did not feel tired.
From the perspective of psychology, stretching can mobilize organs that are at still, such as muscles, joints and visceral as well as increase the blood flow among each part. Besides, during stretching, as the abdominal respiration and thoracic breathing are working at the same time, it can increase the oxygen content in blood significantly and so make the oxygen passing through body sufficiently which is beneficial to health.
Stretching is easy to do and is suitable for people at all ages. After heavy work, or a long sitting, or a long lying, you can stretch yourself during intervals of your work to eliminate fatigue and shape body, lose weight to have a good health.

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