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Six Most Common Adulterate Foods

The newly published article in Prevention magazine in America points out that, the Journal of Food Science published a new research of Michigan State University which says that some food manufacturers reduce the main material and supplement good material with bad one in order to reduce cost. This research concluded 1305 food adulterate food cases in America and revealed six most common adulterate foods. Here, we especially interviewed some experts in our country to give the suggestions of buying these six foods for consumers.
1.  Olive oil. According to the research, olive oil is the most serious adulterate oil, and the common masquerading oil includes: corn oil, peanut oil, soybean oil and so on. Wang Xingguo, the director of nutriology dept in Dalian Center Hospital, points out that there are four points for choosing olive oil: one is the acid value. The edible acid value of olive oil is less than 3.3%; secondly, look for the words of “EXTRA VIRGIN”; thirdly, check the producing area. Generally, the olive oil quality is much better if it is from Spain, Italy, and Greece; fourthly, check the color, the brighter, the better.

2.  Milk. The most common addictive ingredients of adulterate milk includes: milk powder, urea, and curd. The more odious one is the “fake milk” made from curd, detergent, soda, and skim milk. Fan Zhihong, the associate professor of China Agricultural University points out that good milk tastes even and smooth, and there will be a thin legs of glasses if you pour it into a clean glass bottle for a few minutes and then pours out.

3.  Honey. The adulterate ingredients in honey includes: syrup, coin syrup, glucose and so on. The deputy director of product committee in Apicultural Science Association of China, Dong Jie says that from the perspective of outlook, good honey should be nourishing gel liquid, and with the special gloss of honey which is not as clear as water; what’s more, generally speaking, the denser honey is, the better.

4.  Coffee. The common ingredients in fake coffee include corn powder, barley flour and so on. The adulterate substances of instant coffee mainly include oatmeal, starch and so on. The real coffee should have some kind of special odor. There should be of no floating substances and dregs after cooking the real instant coffee.

5.  Orange juice. The adulterate ingredients of orange juice include grapefruit juice, corn syrup and so on.

6.  apple juice. the adulterate includes grapefruit juice, high fructose corn syrup, and so on. As for fruit juice, the experts suggests that do not buy those with too shiny colors, but choose those with less food addictive in the list of ingredients.

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