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Pay Attention to Different Health When Losing Weight

According to the expert, period is the golden time for women to lose weight only if you know how to condition and you will get double result by doing half the work. According to the traditional Chinese medicine, female should adopt different weight loss methods according to different health. You can have a good health and perfect figure at the same time if you do it with correct method.
Method for stagnation health: acupuncture and moxibustion
If you feel distending pain on your breast ,the color of your menstruation is dark and is easy to have diarrhea before period, you are" stagnation type" which most people belong to this kind of health. The expert thinks that people with this kind of health should reduce liver fire. Therefore, you can have some rose tea too increase the circulation of qi. It is more effective to lose your weight by acupuncture and moxibustion rather than smoking navel.

Method for blood deficiency health: smoking navel
According to the expert, people who are blood deficiency health has the symptoms of little menstruation, light color, lower part of the body swelling up, one kilogram different weight between the morning and evening, easy to get cold even in summer. People with this kind of health should have more food to supplement blood. Smoking navel can not only lose weight but also increase the circulation of blood to make your body warmer.

Method for blood stasis health: medicine cures and food cure to remove stasis
The performance of blood stasis health includes stabbing pain, many blood clots, keeps a long time. There is a circle of black purple around the mouth even without lipstick for this kind of health. People with this kind of health can choose medicine cure like salviae miltiorrhizae, herba leonuri or diet cure by black fungus to remove stasis.

Method of cold health: having spicy food
Although we always say that we should not have spicy food during periods, people with cold health can have spicy food to lose weight and condition health. Female with cold health always fell cold all over before period and the color is quite dark, and it is easier for her to feel cold. Therefore, you can have some spicy food to make yourself comfortable if you feel too cold.

Method for phlegmy wet and inside resistance health: bland diet
Girls with this kind of health always like eating icy food and sweet food which makes strong wet in their body and looks fat with sleepiness. Therefore, you can have snacks like citrus, perilla frutescens, and astragalus to help remove phlegmy wet. You also should have bland diet in your daily life.

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