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Having Food before Morning Jogging Helps to Digest

As for a man who likes to do some exercise in the morning, you have to eat something that are easier to digest, such as banana, grape raisin, and so on, or some sport drink that contains high carbohydrate. And you should do exercise 30 minutes later. Do not have fat food or protein food since these foods are difficult to digest. Monose food is easier to digest, such as syrup and orange juice but may cause ups and downs of blood sugar in human body and then leads to fatigue. Therefore, do not have syrup or honey in the morning.

Exercise with empty stomach will cause dizziness or even vomit and appears “motility hypoglycemia” or even faint; exercise immediately after meal will cause stomachache, or even vomit. You have to eat food with 200 to300 calories if you are going to do some exercise within an hour after your wake-up.

For those who want to lose weight, you might think that exercise in the morning with empty stomach can consume fat directly after a whole night’s digestion and absorption since the blood sugar is very low. This idea is quite wrong. Human body always chooses sugar first to dissolve and blood sugar ranks top on the list. If your blood sugar is too low, the human body cannot get enough supply and then will cause faint which will decrease the strength of exercises significantly. Thus, you cannot get the result you want. On the contrary, have some banana or carbohydrate food before exercise can, on the one hand, guaranteed the supply of blood sugar, on the other hand, promote the burning of fat. This means that it is a high effective exercise method which can mobilize all the fat in your body and make them burn even if you looks like only had a little food. Thus, you can lose weight.

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