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Having Cold Bath in Summer may Cause Gynaopathy

Matters needing attention for female bathing
People will feel cold when having cold bath and have a series of stress responses, such as strong beating of the heart, elevated blood pressure, contraction of muscle, nervous tension and so on which can not remove fatigue but cause influenza . Therefore people should avoid taking cold bath. As for female, especially female at periods, or lactation period, or are pregnant should not take cold bath for their particular physiologic. There are maybe endocrinopathy, amenorrhea, abdominal pain, and even gynaophy like vaginitis caused by the entering of bacteria into the vagina. What's worse, it may affect female pregnancy and physical health in the future.
Female who has poor health must not take cold bath, or else will have diseases like influenza and fever because of the stimulation of cold. However, insisting on washing your face with cool water can promote the blood circulation and prevent from influenza and rhinitis. It also can make your skin bright and elastic.

Tips: can woman take bath during periods?
1. The point of this question is how to take bath. Nowadays, the common agreement method is shower or sponge bath. During periods, there are some symptoms like the endometrium falling off and the uterine cavity has a wound; the cervical mucus been rushed out by menstruation and the dilated cervix opens a little; and there are menstruation inside the vagina which makes the vagina the best base for bacteria. And all these cause the temporary break of the protective barrier for part of the genital tract. What's more, female has weaker resistance during periods which may make it easier for bacteria in vagina and dirty water to go into the uterine cavity through cervical canal. Therefore, bath in tub should be forbidden.
2. Some situations like uterine cavity operation, abortion, childbirth and so on that are similar to the situation of periods should also be forbidden to have bath in tub in the near future.

The perfect way of bathing for female
1. Relax your whole body, and then put your self into the colorful and fragrant bubbles to wake up all your feelings.
2. Mix equal amount of massage oil and flavourless cleaning solution and spray it in your palms and then apply it to your arms to do an aromatherapy massage.
3. Wash your body with lavender salt brush and then take a warm bath which will make your skin tender and have a sound sleep. Salt will make the water full of fragrant and oil will make your skin wet.
4. Add some hot water and glueinto the bowel ; soap your hands in the water with palms up toward which will make all your pressure disappear.
5. Do not put fresh flowers on the dining table but on the dressing table, so you will feel exciting every morning when you get up.
6. Dip some mint essential oil with cotton towel and put them in a plastic pocket, thus you will smell strong and life-giving fragrant all day.
7. Take a warm bath after a day's work to recover your energy: mix two spoonful of soda, a glass of bath salt with ten drops of lavender essential oil and add them into the bathtub full of warm water.
8. Spray aroma from aromatherapy anytime to make your nerves calm down.
Bathing can remove your whole day fatigue and eliminate dirty on your body. However, cold bath is not suitable for female.

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