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Gulp Water can Prevent Constipation

“Abnormal” behaviors like having spicy food and staying late in life will always make your intestines “blocking”. All kinds of methods such as having honey water, coarse fiber food, and even medicine still cannot help you solve this problem. Tian Suli, the committee member of the colorectal and anal disease surgery expert committee, told the reporter of Life that, in fact, this may be caused by your way of drinking water. Only gulp water can prevent constipation.
If the excrement being in the large intestine for too long, the water in it will be absorbed and so it is difficult for the excrement to rule out. In fact, there is another important reason that the discharge capacity of intestinal organs is insufficient and so the excrement deposit there. Therefore, if you want to defecated unobstructed, you should not only fill your enteric cavity with enough water to soft the excrement, but also have enough water to become the motive power. If we only sip water, the water flows slowly and will cause urine. Therefore, people with constipation had better gulp water (i.e. have a full mouth of water), and swallow it quickly but not too hurry. This can make the water reach the colon as soon as possible and stimulate the peristalsis at the same time so as to rule the excrement in time and improve your constipation.

Besides gulping water, the kind of water and when to have water also are very important. You had better have to glasses of salty water (about 300ml) in the morning with empty stomach. Have a mouthful of water and the swallow it until it is done. Under this stimulation, the metabolic waste caused by a night’s digestion and absorption can be ruled out easily. This can help clean gastro and intestines. You also can massage your stomach before you go to sleep to promote the intestinal movement and strengthen the abdominal tension which can help promote defecation in the morning. You can lie on bed, and massage abdominal with your right hand or two hands overlapping for 30 to 40 times. The order is like this: right down-right up- left up- left down. Massage with medium power for about 3 to 5 minutes.
Besides the salty water you have in the morning, you also should have about 1200 ml water every day. Meanwhile, have more coarse fiber food (such as vegetable, fruit, grain and so on); have less spicy and stimulant food (such as alcohol, hot pot, barbecue and so on); morning is the best time to defecate and you should keep a good defecation habit; avoid sitting or squatting for too long, change your position moderately to improve the anus blood circulation. In addition, people who has constipation for a long time should do more lifting-anus exercise to reduce partial vein congestion and prevent varicose veins.

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