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Go to Bed with Wet Hair May Cause the Elderly Headache

As for the elderly, the method of health care is not only about dieting, exercising. Little things like washing hair also is very important. Symptoms like stoke, dizziness and headache are very common among the elderly which are all connected with washing hair method. Therefore, the elderly should pay attention to following three points when washing hair.

Do not tilt head back. In many hair salons, washing needs you to tilt your head back. Some of the elderly also adopt this position and think this is safe and comfortable. In fact, this method has great hidden danger. Washing hair with your head tilt back will cause stroke for the elderly. It is because lying on one's back will cause pressure on the vertebral artery of head and directly affects the blood supply for brain and cause insufficient blood supply for brain as time goes by and so leads to dizziness, nausea, and unstable. People with hypertension or cervical spondylosis had better do not wash your hair with your head tilting back. As for the elderly, it is safer to have the traditional method of leaning forward. However, people with hypertension should avoid lower your head for too long and upstanding position is more suitable when taking shower.
The temperature has to be moderate. The scalp of the elderly is very sensitive to the temperature and too hot or too cold all will stimulate blood vessels and cause abnormal contraction of blood vessels. The elderly with diabetes, hypertension or atherosclerosis should be especially careful. Washing hair with cold water in a long-term will cause the brain nerves unbearable of stimulants and cause phenomenon of headache and dizziness. Too hot water will damage the hair and cause scald. The temperature should be 40 centigrade which can clean hair and scalp as well as improve blood circulation of scalp and relieve fatigue.
Go to bed when your hair is totally dry. Many old people used to wash hair after getting up in the morning and then go down stairs for exercise; some people choose to wash at night before sleep and go to bed with wet hair. All these habits are bad. In the morning, the temperature is too low and the wet hair dries slowly which make your hair full of moisture and then cause headache. While go to sleep with wet hair will make your feel dizzy and headaches the next morning since the blood supply for brain goes slowly during sleep and wet hair will draw most heat of head.
Therefore, washing hair had better be in the day when temperature is stable, or after dinner, but to not near sleep time. After washing, you should dry your hair with towel immediately, or dry with drier but not wrap with towel which also cannot disperse the moisture.

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