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Five “stinky” Foods are Good Medicine?

We would like to have the food well balanced with color, fragrant, and flavor. We will have a good appetite when we smell the fragrant first. However, there are some kinds of food with special odor and not every one can accept it, for example, caraway, mustard, garlic, durian, and Chinese mahogany. In fact, these foods all are health care experts.
As a matter of fact, food with good flavor and fragrant is good health care product. Some foods with special odor or even stinky odor are exactly the good health care products we are looking for. For example, caraway can prevent osteoporosis, mustard can prevent tooth decay and so on. Here are five kinds of food with “stinky odor” that has good effects.
1.  caraway—prevent osteoporosis
Many people do not like caraway for its special odor. There are rich minerals, trace elements like vitamin A and C in caraway which can stable the blood sugar and resist cancer. Besides, the bone production will be decreased and the cortical bone thinner after 40 years old, especially for female that they are easy to have osteopotosis. Therefore, middle aged woman should have more food with boron, such as caraway. Thus, having more caraway can protect bones and prevent from osteopotosis.

2.  mustard—regulate female internal secretion
As a seasoning, mustard is liked by many people while also hated by many people. It is quite spicy with strong fierce effect which has obvious effect for regulating female internal secretion. In addition, mustard also can enhance sexual function, stimulate the blood vessels expanding, and strengthen the movement of qi and blood to make female looks great.
Besides, there are some kind of ingredient in mustard that can prevent tooth decay, resist cancer, prevent the blood vessel plaque from precipitating, and support curing asthma. It also can prevent from hypertension, coronary heart disease and reduce blood viscosity.

3.  garlic—resist bacteria and inhibit cancer
There are many people who do not eat garlic since its flavor is too provocative. In fact, it is the health guardian for female body. People who have much garlic have lower incidence of having cancer. Also people who have half raw garlic everyday can lower the risk of having breast cancer and ovarian cancer.
Garlic also has the effect of resist bacteria, such as trichomonas vaginalis, ameic protozoa. Having garlic often can prevent from vaginitis.
In addition, having garlic often can not only guarantee the health, but also prevent from thrombus. It also can make your hair black, bright and reduce the hair loss.

4.  durian—relieve dysmenorrhea
Many people do not like eating durian for its special odor. In fact, durian is with great nutrition value; especially that it is used as supplement food for postpartum women and patients in Thailand. Durians can active blood and disperse cold, relieve dysmenorrhea which is particularly suitable for people who suffers dysmenorrhea.
Durian can not only improve the abdominal cold, but also can help body feel warm so that it is the necessity for people with cold constitution. However, you must know that do not have too much or else will make you feel hot and have excessive heat caused by insufficient absorption of gastro intestines. In order to remove heat, you can have some salt water, or some pear, watermelon when having durian which can help remove heat.

5.  Chinese mahogany—assist reproduction
Spring is the season for Chinese mahogany. Although many people do not eat it, it has many benefits. Chinese mahogany contains vitamin R and sex hormone which can help resist aging and supplement yang, yin. It has some kind of effect for curing sterility infertility. Organic elements in Chinese mahogany can strengthen spleen and increase appetite, help remove heat and detoxify, assist curing dysentery and gastroenteritis.

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